Don’t slack on the festivity this holiday season

No pattern has the ability to evoke the festive holiday season quite like Black Watch tartan plaid. And no pattern can create a styling conundrum quite like Black Watch tartan plaid either. But don’t let that be a deterrant.

Here’s some advice on how to integrate a pair of tartan plaid pants into your repertoire of Holiday outfits.

mens tartan plaid pants

mens tartan plaid pants

| WEARING | Apolis jacket, Uniqlo cardigan, Al Bazar shirt, Pants c/o Tommy Hilfiger, Breuer tie, Rolex watch, Carmina loafers | PHOTOGRAPHY | by Rob McIver Photo

Although the black, green and blue of Black Watch plaid is rather subdued in terms of color, it’s still a plaid, which makes it stand out. As such, treat it as you would any other “statement” piece. In other words, let it be the focal point by keeping the rest of the outfit simple.

What colors pair well with a Black Watch tartan plaid? As in all menswear scenarios, you can never go wrong with grey and navy. A solid heather grey cardigan and slightly darker grey tie, creates a nice contrast.

TRY THIS TOO: A slightly more formal take.

I’m a big fan of quilted garments during the wintertime. A quilted navy blazer adds the right amount of texture. While it can be worn indoors, it works best as outerwear. A layered cardigan ensures you’ll still look put together when you take the blazer off at your destination.

mens tartan plaid pants

In the case of shoe color, you should default to the classic menswear palate again. Dark brown penny loafers are a no-brainer.

mens tartan plaid pants

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