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jetted pockets definition
jetted pockets definition

Style Defined: Jetted Pockets

April 12th, 2017

Explaining why jetted pockets are typically the most formal types of pockets

While patch pockets take you blazer or suit jacket to a pretty casual place, there’s an opposite move that takes things to a more formal level. That move is the jetted pocket. And whereas patch pockets, and even flap pockets, are pretty self explanatory, the jetted pocket takes just a bit of explaining.

jetted pockets definition

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Jetted pockets are pretty much the opposite of patch pockets. We’re talking both in effect and in construction. While a patch pocket is 100-percent external to the body of the jacket itself, the jetted pocket is almost entirely internal. Instead of being a pouch sewn onto the outside of the jacket, a jetted pocket is a slit in the facing of the jacket, with the pouch hanging inside.

jetted pockets definition

Now, the fact that the pocket is almost entirely unseen is exactly what makes jetted pockets so appropriate for the most formal suits and jackets. By keeping the pocket purely internal, the lines of the jacket are inherently more clean and sleek – perfect for your impeccably tailored tuxedo or dinner jacket.

The only really visible part of the pocket is a very thin trimming. On the rare occasion that you find a jetted pocket on a regular suit jacket or blazer, the trimming is the same fabric as the rest of the jacket. On a tuxedo, however, the trim is often constructed from the same satin or grosgrain facing as the lapels of the jacket for a perfect finishing touch.

jetted pockets definition

With the heightened level of formality in mind, it makes sense that jetted pockets are often reserved for black tie attire. That’s not to say that you won’t find them on some business suits, or even blazers, but they feel far more natural in a formal environment.

That said, if you want to look your sharpest in a board room, and are bringing the rest of your ensemble to a higher level of panache, jetted pockets just might be your move.

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