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Remembering the original “style guy”, Glenn O’Brien. And here is the NY Times obituary.

Companies making more “affordable” custom suits are having their moment.

Speaking of custom suits, one of the biggest choices is single- double-breasted.

You can’t talk about the history of suits without mentioning Savile Row. Where else can you find a competition, The Gold Shears, that highlights up and coming British tailors?

And remember, if you are going to invest in your clothes, make sure to care for them properly.

With springtime comes…polos.

The New York Times Men’s Style section is out and includes:

Crystal Creatures, Mr Porter’s California Collection and the Return of PF Flyers.

Perfectly Simple Shoes” that don’t really seem very simple.

And a new shop in Brooklyn with eccentric goods.

Finally, something to consider:

Fast fashion has a lot of downfalls to it (the synthetic fabrics, labor issues, etc.) but the companies behind them keep rising. What’s your take on this issue? Pros? Cons? Should we have a bigger conversation about this? Chime in below!

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