Striped socks are a great way to add a little bit of personality to any look. But how do you pair them with an outfit? In this episode of Ask He Spoke Style we talk about three easy ways to incorporate striped socks into your personal style.

Striped socks aren’t something I wear all the time, but I have styled them a handful of times on the blog. Here are a couple examples. Click the photo to view the original post.

Casual Accent

Autumn Accents - He Spoke Style

A simple example of how a striped sock can add just the right amount of accent and pull an entire look together. Notice how the green in the sock complements the green of the hat.

Business Bold


Not the subtly striped sock I talk about for business looks in the video, but an example of how to use striped socks to make a statement in an office environment. This outfit was all about stripes, from the tie to the socks to the horizontally striped shirt. You can apply the same rules that we talked about for mixing plaids to mixing stripes.

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