| WEARING | Coat and pants c/o Banana Republic, Al Bazar shirt and tie, Uniqlo cardigan, Oliver Peoples sunglasses (similar HERE), J.Crew belt, Timex watch, Wingtips c/o Allen Edmonds (McAllister) | PHOTOGRAPHY | by Rob McIver Photo

Mixing plaids can be an intimidating prospect. But mastering the art can take your personal style to a whole new level. To get you started, here are five simple tips on how to mix plaids.

How To Mix Plaids - He Spoke Style

Keep it subtle. We generally think of plaids as big and bold, which can lead to a reluctance to wear more than one at a time, if any at all! Choosing pieces with a more subtle pattern, makes mixing them much easier.

Stick to a common color. Plaids in the same color family work best together. Be careful not to match too exactly, which can look forced. Instead, aim for slight color variations.

Anchor with a neutral. There’s going to be enough going on when you’re wearing two or three plaids at the same time. Keep it grounded by wearing one piece in a solid color. Keep it in the same color family, like I’ve done here with the trousers, as a no-nonsense option, or throw in a contrasting color if you’re feeling more adventurous.

How To Mix Plaids - He Spoke Style

Size matters. If you’re mixing three different plaids, make one the dominant pattern. This doesn’t necessarily mean bolder, but rather make one bigger. Fit smaller patterns into the mix.

Change directions. Add further interest by pairing horizontal and diagonal patterns. Mixing plaids of different orientations draws the eye in different directions and can even give the illusion that you’re not mixing them at all.

How To Mix Plaids - He Spoke Style

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