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edward sexton shirts
edward sexton shirts
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Introducing Edward Sexton Shirts

June 7th, 2018

Bespoke quality that’s ready to wear

We’ve known Dominic Montefiore and Edward Sexton for a couple years now. Over that time, we’ve gotten to know them and the quality of their product intimately. Edward and Dominic have made me some exceptional garments, including a dramatic navy flannel suit and a classic double-breasted dinner jacket for my wedding. My wedding commission also included two shirts, a white Marcella bib front shirt for my tuxedo and a fly-front off-white shirt for my dinner jacket.

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Bespoke is wonderful, but admittedly not the right fit for everyone’s budget. And when it comes to shirts, you really can get an extremely high-quality and well-tailored product without going full-on bespoke.

According to Dominic, shirts have made up a healthy portion of Edward Sexton’s business recently. As a result, they began offering a ready to wear version of their shirts to suit a wider range of customers. I was an early adopter. Both the bengal stripe with contrast pin collar and white tab collar shirts you’ve seen on the site over the past couple years are Edward Sexton ready to wear.

edward sexton shirts

The styling is exquisite. The fit, amazing. And the details, exceptional. All Edward Sexton shirts are produced in an elegant slim fit, are 100% cotton and come with single stitched French seams, nine stitches per centimeter, mother of pearl buttons, deep 9cm double cuffs, swelled edges on the collar and cuffs, lilly stitched buttons for security with a shank for ease of fastening, split yoke, in-set sleeves to keep the front of the shirt looking crisp and are supplied with plain navy silk knot cufflinks.

We are very pleased to now offer a selection of Edward Sexton shirts in the HSS Shop, including an exclusive brushed cotton hidden button-down collar. We are also proud to be the sole seller of Edward Sexton shirts in the United States and to offer free shipping within the United States.

Check out the complete selection below as well as in the HSS Shop.

Powder Blue Pin Collar

edward sexton shirts

Power, style and panache. These are three words that come to mind when considering the pin collar shirt. Yet it’s also got an understated elegance. In powder blue, this shirt could very well occupy a prime spot in your weekday rotation.

Edward Sexton Powder Blue Pin Collar Shirt, $220

White Pin Collar

edward sexton shirts

If the blue pin collar shirt is your “everyday” shirt, consider the white version for more formal and serious business outfits. I like it as complement to and way to augment a pinstripe suit.

Edward Sexton White Pin Collar Shirt, $220

Bengal Stripe Tab Collar

edward sexton shirts

Tab collar shirts are hard to find. Unless you’re going bespoke or made to measure, you’re not going to see many of them out there on the shelves of your favorite retailers. Just one of the reasons we’re proud to bring you a selection of two fine tab collar shirts. This one, in Bengal stripe, is your hard-working, do-everything shirt. Perfect at the office and then after hours, sans jacket, in the cigar lounge.

Edward Sexton Bengal Stripe Tab Collar Shirt, $220

White Tab Collar

edward sexton shirts

Our other tab collar is your classic white. Like our white pin collar shirt, we consider our white tab collar a more formal offering. The best part about a tab collar is that nobody sees it right off the bat. The guys who notice it? Their the ones you want to be friends with.

Edward Sexton White Tab Collar Shirt, $220

Brushed Cotton Hidden Button-Down

edward sexton shirts

During a fitting with Dominic in New York City, I couldn’t help but notice his shirt. It looked extremely soft and the way the collar stood up was exceptional. Turns out it was a prototype. A short conversation later, we shook hands and our exclusive shirt was born. Like the tab collar, the hidden button-down is not something most people will notice. But, as you know, the best details are the ones that only reveal themselves upon closer inspection.

Edward Sexton for HSS Brushed Cotton Hidden Button-Down Shirt, $270

Thanks for reading.

Stylishly Yours,

Brian Sacawa
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