Ease into spring style with a little color

Deciding what to wear during a seasonal transition is always a little tricky. Is it going to be one of those warmer-than-usual days? Or will it be just plain frigid?

You should always wear seasonal fabrics, but during the winter/spring transition, lighter cloth isn’t always a good choice. Instead, on those somewhat colder days, give a nod to spring with a little color.

Here are a couple ways to do just that.



| WEARING | Suitsupply blazer, Saks Fifth Avenue shirt, Banana Republic pants, Seaward & Stearn tie, Rolex watch, Shoes c/o Allen Edmonds | PHOTOGRAPHY | by Rob McIver Photo

If you are like me and build the foundation of your outfits around the classic menswear palette like blues, greys and browns, your tie is one place you can add a some seasonal color to the mix.

A wool tie is usually reserved for fall and winter. But one with a little green and lighter blue works nicely as a transitional piece. My friends from Seaward & Stearn in London manufacture some of the finest neckwear out there. Look out for something special and exciting launching this fall.


Earth tones like greens and browns can easily be pigeonholed into just being fall colors. But lighter shades are great for warmer weather as well. A pair of light walnut brown shoes complements the green in the tie and breathes some springtime life into what could easily be something of a somber look.


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