Cologne – Frédéric Malle
Shirt – Michael Andrews Bespoke (similar)

I’ve never really been big on cologne, but when I got back from Venice last October I began an understated, yet fairly intense, search for something I detected in the air there. I’m not talking about the stench that people joke about during the summertime, but rather a subtle scent possessed by many of the stylish gentlemen I passed in the piazzas and alleys while meandering around the city. It was masculine, yet clean. Intriguing, not overbearing.

I was so fascinated by the effect it had on me that a couple months later during a business trip to New York City, I approached a gentleman at the perfume counter in Barneys and described to him my recollection of the scent. He informed me that I seemed to be talking about a “typical European Eau de Cologne” and encouraged me to smell this. His recommendation was spot on. And I found it inspiring to meet someone who was such an expert about something I could only articulate in a cursory manner.

Scents have the power to transport you. Have you had experiences that can be defined by an intriguing scent?

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Photography by Rob McIver Photo.


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