I’ve talked recently about how winter weather seems to invite wearing darker and more muted colors. Regular readers of the blog know that I’m a fan of monochromatic looks have seen me sport all navy as well as all grey this season. While tonal dressing makes a statement by virtue of its consistency, breaking it up with a colorful piece can change subtly bold into straight up bold. And for the perfect color to do that, look no further than cobalt.

Cobalt - He Spoke Style

Cobalt is a color that I’ve seen a lot of recently in the world of womenswear. I have to be honest and say that there’s a lot about women’s fashion that informs my own style, especially when I’m looking for ways to expand my personal style vocabulary. If you think you can’t learn anything from looking at women’s fashion and style, think again.

While it’s good to have a “uniform” of sorts, personal style is something that is always evolving. Trying out and exploring new ideas, and finding inspiration in places you might not always think to look, is healthy, challenging, and one of the things that makes style so exciting. Personal style should be a journey, not a destination.

Cobalt - He Spoke Style

As always, the best tip for styling a bold piece—whether it’s a bold pattern or color—is to keep the rest of your look simple. This is an easy way to really feature the bolder item and definitely the reason that this sweater works so well against an all grey palate.

Cobalt - He Spoke Style

Cobalt - He Spoke Style

Cobalt - He Spoke Style

This Look: Coat c/o Reiss – Sweater by Reiss – Pants c/o Reiss (part of suit, similar here and here) – Watch by Timex – Loafers by Bass Weejuns

How do you feel about cobalt? Would you wear this sweater? And what unexpected places do you look for—and find—style inspiration?

Thanks for reading.

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Photography by Rob McIver Photo.


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