From dapper to business casual to the ultimate high-low

A cotton suit is a quintessential summer suit. It’s light, breathable and versatile enough to be dressed up when necessary or worn more casually, as many are want to do during the warmer months.

If you’ve got one cotton suit in your closet, it’s probably a classic khaki cotton suit. And if you’re looking to expand that collection, it’s time to consider something a little darker.

A dark brown cotton suit is a little less sporty than the khaki version, but just as versatile and stylish. Here are five ways to wear it.

1. Two-Piece: Classically Dapper

brown cotton suit summer outfit ideas

“Pop of color” is played out. A monochromatic look is striking and makes a bigger statement and is a lot less try-so-hard. Play with texture, play with pattern and play with fabrics. And a Panama hat doesn’t hurt either.

2. Pants Separate: Summer Grind

brown cotton suit summer outfit ideas

The best part of any cotton suit is that you’ve now got a great pair of cotton pants. Mixing dressy and casual elements is something I’ve always considered part of my personal style and I’ve been doing it more than usual this summer. A henley with a textured linen blazer is a good go-to for the day-to-day grind.

3. Two-Piece: Ultimate High/Low

brown cotton suit outfit ideas

Speaking of mixing casual and dressy, it doesn’t get more high/low than a t-shirt with a suit. If you’re going to wear the look, a cotton suit is pretty much the perfect match for it. Since it’s ultra-casual, go with a v-neck t-shirt – a crew neck could look a little to stiff. And give the neckline a little tug for some added swagger.

4. Jacket Separate: Italian-Inspired

brown cotton suit outfit ideas

You know we’re all about breaking up suits into separates here at HSS. Not only does a cotton suit get you a great pair of cotton trousers, but you also get a great cotton blazer. Dark brown goes with just about anything and during the summer, nothing’s better than a pair of white cotton chinos.

5. Two-Piece: Business Casual

brown cotton suit outfit ideas

For a business casual look, simply lose the tie. And keep the rest of the outfit just as simple. Basic leather briefcase and classic suede penny loafers. And don’t forget a pair of classic shades.

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