Making our apartment a home, one area at a time

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Just the other day, Robin and I were talking at dinner and we couldn’t believe that it had already been an entire year since she’d left NYC so we could be together in Baltimore. Time flies when you’re having fun, of course, but it also disappears rather quickly when you’re extraordinarily busy. The combination of the two describes our lives to a T.

I bring this up because although we’ve been trying to finish transforming the apartment into “our” apartment, progress has been a little slower than I think with both had hoped for. Yes, we’ve made our quiet and cozy little space on our terrace and I got to construct a pretty cool closet for myself, but the whole apartment is not completely there yet.

brooklinen sheets review

Our strategy for combatting this has been to focus on one area at a time. And because the bedroom loft is where we spend a lot of important time recharging, it has become the priority.

Robin and I both share similar tastes and aesthetics, which makes the process somewhat easier. (Although she may tell you that dealing with a Libra is not ideal when it comes to decision making.) We both like a clean and classically modern look. We both prefer muted colors. And we both like and appreciate nice things.

brooklinen sheets review

Now, although we’ve got a nice couch in the loft, our bed is the most important piece of furniture when it comes to relaxation. And as such, we not only want to have nice sheets for comfort but a handsome duvet cover for looks. If you’ve looked around for high-quality options for these kinds of items, you know that they can be rather expensive. We’ve certainly had sticker shock before and it can be pretty hard to justify even when you know that it could not only make your space look great, but also potentially have a very real effect on your quality of sleep. So having the opportunity to try out Brooklinen was very exciting for many reasons.

brooklinen sheets review

brooklinen sheets review

First off, there’s the convenience. Just go to the website and browse options. One part of the process we particularly liked is that you’re able to mix and match different patterns to help create and interesting and unique look. You’ve also got the option of choosing a Classic Core Set (fitted sheet, flat sheet and two pillow cases) or a Hardcore Set, which includes a duvet cover and two extra pillow cases. We chose the latter.

brooklinen sheets review

Next, there’s the quality. The Luxe Collection, which we opted for (of course), is a 480 thread count sateen weave from single-ply, long-staple cotton. Translation: it’s soft, silky smooth and extremely comfortable – the kind of sheets you look forward to getting back between the moment you get up in the morning.

Finally, the price. Our Luxe Collection Hardcore Set came in at $228. When compared to the luxury bedding you find in a department store or elsewhere online, there’s really not much else to say about that.

brooklinen sheets review

Overall, Robin and I have been extremely pleased with our Brooklinen bedding. To be perfectly honest, I’ve been sleeping extremely well these past couple of weeks. It could be that I’ve been so busy that I’m completely exhausted at the end of the day, but I’d like to think that a having some luxurious bedding plays a part in that as well.

brooklinen sheets review

The Brooklinen Classic Collection Core Set (fitted sheet, flat sheet, two pillow cases) is priced at $99 (twin), $129 (full and queeen) and $139 and the Hardcore Set (fitted sheet, flat sheet, duvet cover, four pillow cases) costs $165 (twin), $195 (full and queen) and $219 (king). The Luxe Collection Core Set is $129/$149/$159 and the Hardcore Set is priced at $198/$228/$258.

Brooklinen is also offering HSS readers an exclusive discount of $20 and free shipping. Simply use code HESPOKESTYLE20. For more, visit Brooklinen online.

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