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best uniqlo jackets for spring 2022
best uniqlo jackets for spring 2022
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5 Must-Have Spring Jackets from Uniqlo

March 4th, 2022

As we transition from winter to spring, it’s time to transition our outerwear as well. Heavy wool and thick down jackets are relegated to the back of the closet and lightweight jackets make their return to the front of the rotation. For those looking to up their spring jacket game, we’re turning to one of our favorite retailers for style and quality at an amazing price. Here are five Uniqlo jackets we recommend for spring.

About Uniqlo

Originally founded in Yamaguchi, Japan in 1949, Uniqlo is an apparel company with a global reach and extremely avid and loyal following.

From the start, Uniqlo has been focused on quality and textiles and that ethos still drives the company today as its unwavering desire and commitment to promote sustainability.

That commitment to quality has helped elevate Uniqlo in the minds of men’s style enthusiasts beyond lower-priced (and much lower quality competitors) such as H&M.

However, beyond Uniqlo’s commitment to quality, the brand has also gained notoriety for its classic but on-trend designs, inclusive selection of garments, and exceptional fit all at a phenomenal price point.

Are Uniqlo jackets worth it?

With the majority of Uniqlo jackets coming in with a price tag generally lower than $100 (including their best-selling light down jacket), asking whether they’re worth it or not is a fair question, especially if you subscribe to the tenet that “you get what you pay for.”

Luckily, I’ve got some experience with Uniqlo jackets that will help answer that question.

I personally own four different Uniqlo jackets ranging from casual to a bit dressier. And I absolutely love them. The fit is phenomenal. The quality is superb. They’re incredibly versatile and easy to style. They travel well. And, yes, the price is great.

So, in a word, are Uniqlo jackets worth it?


How long do Uniqlo jackets last?

Now, since the price is a bit on the lower side, that might bring up questions of poor quality. And that’s fair.

However, remember that one of Uniqlo’s raisons d’etre is a commitment to quality and textiles. And that is not just some marketing mumbo jumbo meant to position the brand in a certain light – it is a truth that the jackets stand up to.

Of course, when it comes to the question of how long a Uniqlo jacket will last, a lot of that comes down to how you wear it, how often you wear it, and how much abuse you subject it to.

Speaking from personal experience, wearing Uniqlo jackets like – dare I say – a “normal” person would, I find the quality and durability to be wonderful.

Of the four jackets I own and take reasonably good care of, they all still look almost brand new and are not falling apart in any way shape or form.

5 Best Uniqlo Jackets for Spring 2022

When it comes to spring outerwear, you’re generally going to be looking for something lightweight and versatile. Here are five of our favorite Uniqlo jackets for spring in a range of styles that will have you covered from the office to the weekend and everything in between.

Khaki Trench

Uniqlo Khaki Trench Coat

A belted khaki trench coat is one of those classic menswear staples that every guy needs. Whether you’re living out your Humphrey Bogart dreams or mixing things up with a casual outfit, its neutral tone ensures you’ve got maximum versatility through a wide range of styles.

Ultra Light Down Jacket

Uniqlo Ultra Light Down Jacket

If you think down jackets are just for sub-zero temperatures in the dead of winter, think again. Uniqlo’s ultra light down jacket is the perfect companion for the winter to spring transition (and beyond). It’s great for chilly mornings and windy spring days. And while it’s got a sporty vibe, there’s no reason it can’t be styled with a suit for a fashion-forward look. And the best part about this jacket is that it is extremely packable (you can even stuff if in your briefcase) so it’s great for travel.

Denim Work Jacket

Uniqlo Denim Work Jacket in Dark Navy

Long live the shacket! Rumors of the shacket’s (or shirt jacket) demise have been greatly exaggerated. For our money, the shacket is one of the ultimate do-anything menswear garments out there. And we particularly love Uniqlo’s take. Available in three different washes, the denim is lighter than a classic denim jacket and it comes in a roomier and slightly boxy cut for greater ease of movement when, you know, you’re working in your work shirt jacket.

Utility Parka

Beige Uniqlo Utility Parka

They don’t call it a utility parka for nothing. This jacket is made with utility in mind. Five patch pockets for plenty of storage. Front snaps that are easy to open and close with just one hand. And a more casual and relaxed fit. We love the beige version because of its effortless versatility.


Uniqlo Blouson

Inspired by a classic tropical tour jacket, Uniqlo’s Blouson is a more sophisticated take on a garment with a bit of military heritage. Cut from a supple, flowing lyocell-cotton blend fabric, it’s a comfortable everyday jacket with a healthy dose of style.

Bonus: Harrington Jacket

Uniqlo Harrington Jacket

While the Harrington jacket has been around for quite some time, most people will remember its most famous wearer – Steve McQueen in the Thomas Crown Affair. Like McQueen, the Harrington jacket is touch and is pretty much outerwear’s classic king of cool. And while the Baracuta G9 remains the “gold standard” of the jacket style, you can own a similar version from Uniqlo for about 1/10 of the price. Now that’s a deal steal.

Which of these spring jackets would you wear?

Thanks for reading.

Stylishly Yours,

Brian Sacawa

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