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Domenico Gianfrate - He Spoke Style
Domenico Gianfrate - He Spoke Style
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Men’s Style Instagram Accounts to Follow Now

September 14th, 2015

While there are plenty of best men’s style Instagram round-ups out there, I think “best” can be as subjective taste in music or personal style, for that matter. And too often, some of these best men’s style Instagram articles quite wrongly confuse “best” with “most popular.” It’s an important distinction.

Personal style is certainly subjective, but here at HSS, we place a premium on well-tailored looks, elegance, effortlessness and authenticity.

So, if you’re looking for style inspiration on Instagram, here are the HSS-approved 10 best men’s style Instagram accounts.

1. Fabio Attanasio

Fabio Attanasio Best Men's Style Instagram - He Spoke Style

Fabio Attanasio is a law school grad-turned menswear blogger and founder of a handsome line of handcrafted eyewear. He’s got classic tailoring and old-world Italian elegance nailed but also does a great job of showcasing his casual and relaxed – yet equally put together – style.

Follow: @fabioattanasio

2. Alessandro Squarzi

Alessandro Squarzi Best Men's Style Instagram - He Spoke Style

Most Americans will know Alessandro Squarzi as an Italian street style star. Which he is – sometimes I think Scott Schuman and Tommy Ton might have chipped him somehow since they photograph him so often. But beyond that, he also owns a series of prominent and extremely well-curated showrooms in Milan, Florence, Bologna and Ancona. Alessandro is proof that men can age better than gracefully.

Follow: @alessandrosquarzi

3. Max Poglia

Max Poglia Best Men's Style Instagram - He Spoke Style

Knife maker, leather goods manufacturer, branding expert – Max Poglia has a 360-degree/renaissance man approach to style and owns an eponymous company that embodies old-world traditions in the modern era.

Follow: @maxpoglia

4. Giampaolo Alliata

Giampaolo Alliata Best Men's Style Instagram - He Spoke Style

When I grow up, I want to be Giampaolo Alliata. And I don’t mean that want to be like Giampaolo; I want to be Giampaolo. After befriending him at Al Bazar in Milan, I decided that he was pretty much the world’s coolest guy. He can point you to the best restaurants, the nicest boutiques and eyeball your measurements to within about one centimeter. He wears jewelry like a boss and takes photos in his bathtub, wearing a suit and smoking a Montecristo No. 2. Come on.

Follow: @giampaolo_alliata

5. Sarah Ann Murray

Sarah Ann Murray Best Men's Style Instagram - He Spoke Style

A woman in a men’s style Instagram roundup? Absolutely. Especially when that woman is the International Editor of The Rake magazine. Sarah Ann Murray wears menswear better than most men.

Follow: @sarah_ann_murray

6. Mr. Raro

Mr. Raro Best Men's Style Instagram - He Spoke Style

Mr. Raro owns the Mararo boutique in Milan – word is they’re expanding to NYC and London soon – and can always be seen in sharply tailored suits, generally with a healthy dose of flair. When I stopped by last fall, he wasn’t around, but his girlfriend was as gracious as she is lovely.

Follow: @mararomrraro

7. Frank Muytjens

Frank Muytjens Best Men's Style Instagram - He Spoke Style

Frank Muytjens is the J.Crew menswear director and, you might say, personally responsible for codifying a very singular and recognizable brand aesthetic based on quality, comfort and well-tailored pieces.

Follow: @fmuytjens

8. Jeremy Mitchell

Jeremy Mitchell Best Men's Style xxjmitch Instagram - He Spoke Style

Jeremy Mitchell is a NYC-based photographer, blogger and good friend to my man Dapper Lou. His style is classic, elegant and effortless. And his Instagram is a sight to behold.

Follow: @xxjmitch

9. Lino Ieluzzi

Lino Ieluzzi Best Men's Style Instagram - He Spoke Style

Lino Ieluzzi is a legend. He owns the Al Bazar menswear boutique in Milan and, to my knowledge, doesn’t speak a lick of English. He favors slim-fitting double-breasted jackets, kilties and two signature accessories – the No. 7 tie and a beautiful dog. When you achieve his status, you’ve earned the right to add “official” to your Instagram handle.

Follow: @linoieluzziofficial

10. Domenico Gianfrate

Domenico Gianfrate Best Men's Style - He Spoke Style

Domenico Gianfrate runs one of the biggest fashion showrooms in southern Italy. He has a highly polished personal style and isn’t afraid to throw in an absolutely killer statement piece every now and then.

Follow: @gianfrateshowroom

Who did I leave out?

Thanks for reading.

Stylishly Yours,

Brian Sacawa
He Spoke Style

Brian Sacawa

Brian Sacawa is the Founder of He Spoke Style and one of the original men’s style influencers. Since 2013, his goal has remained the same: to provide men the advice and inspiration they need to dress well, develop their personal style, and gain more confidence. Brian’s interest and passion for men’s style and luxury watches has led to his writing for The Robb Report, The Rake, and Sotheby’s and he has been quoted on menswear in publications such as The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal,, Brides Magazine, and the Huffington Post. He lives in the woods north of Baltimore with his wife, Robin, kitties Nick and Nora, and German Shepherd/Collie mix Charlie.

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