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The Anatomy of a Hat - He Spoke Style
The Anatomy of a Hat - He Spoke Style

The Anatomy of a Hat

February 4th, 2015

No accessory has the ability to change up a look or silhouette quite like a hat. Here’s a quick primer to help you get familiar with its parts.

The Anatomy of a Hat - He Spoke Style

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The divot in the top of a hat.

Though you see people doing it all the time, do not handle your hat by the pinch. It seems natural to do so because of the way it fits in the hand, but handling it in this manner will attract dirt and oils from your skin, which will eventually show up quite unattractively. Always take your hat on and off by holding the brim.

Other than the brim, the part of a hat with the largest surface area. Remove dirt with a soft hat brush.

Believe it or not, a hat’s hatband is not a permanent part of the hat. It’s generally not something that is repaired and can be easily swapped out. If you’re a hat pro and want a little extra flair, add a pin or feather to your hatband.

Never rest your hat on it’s brim. Store it upside down to keep the brim from distorting or losing its shape. Use your brush to remove dirt and some tape to take care of lint or pet hair.

The Anatomy of a Hat - He Spoke Style

If you’ve had your hat long enough and wear it often, you may want to clean the lining at some point. On some hats it’s possible to remove. You can clean it yourself by soaking it in a non-abrasive soap and letting it air dry. But if you’re like me and are worried about ruining your investment, it’s best to take it to a reputable hat shop to get the job done.

Flip up when storing to air it out and help keep sweat and/or hair product from accumulating.

The Anatomy of a Hat - He Spoke Style

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