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10 Ways to Deal with the Mondays

April 11th, 2016

Don’t want to start this week? Then let’s remember some things from last week.

This week taught us a few things, including the realization (hopefully) that when there is an app to remind men to be chivalrous, there is a deeper problem to fix, and Leo’s new romance is actually a bit more concerning than the rumors about the bear were.

Is it true that “we have come to a point in society where we are all taking too many photos and spending very little time looking at them”?

Chivalry isn’t may actually be dead.

A collaboration that promises to make renting suits or a tux a bit less painful. Though it’s always best to buy your own.

Can’t get to Cuba just yet? Take a trip to Little Havana in Miami.

Continuing the travel theme, nothing makes me want to travel more than a good best-in-class food round-up. Any of these one of your local favorites?

Now that the sun is out longer, here are seven sunglasses brands to consider. Brian just got a new pair from Garrett Leight x WANT Les Essentiels and they are definitely HSS-approved.

A denim month link throwback: an answer to the question of how many jeans do you actually need?

Leo’s obsession with models has gone a bit too far. Rule No. 1: if she can’t go to the bar with you…

A Montblanc that won’t break the bank (though still requires a decent withdrawal).

If you are anything like us and are always writing down notes, you’re really going to like this Moleskine Pen that digitizes every doodle.

Slightly NSFW: explaining a female’s climaxes through – what else? – science projects.

Thanks for reading.

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