Trends that Need to Die in 2016

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Hang your head, bro. You'll be back at the barber shop next week to shave in that part again.

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Doesn't get more staged than this.

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Okay, Highlights magazine again... (Photograph via Pitti Immagine)

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Athleisure. (Photographs via Mr Porter)

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There was an awesome sale but they only had XXXL left. Too good to pass up.

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Time to wrap up 2015 and put a bow on it – then hide it under the bed – with our annual trends we hope die post.

If you remember last year’s edition, you’ll remember that I blamed the burgeoning menswear social media landscape for being responsible for the proliferation of, in my view, some of the most offensive trends.

But since we already covered some of the worst Instagram trends of 2015, and since our third anniversary is coming up and I plan to address the state of menswear online in that post, let’s get right to it, sans long editorial setup, with this year’s list of trends we hope die.

The Hard Part

It’s never happened to me, but I’ve heard stories of guys going to get the haircut that I have and having the part shaved in without even being consulted. Putting aside for a moment how terrible a barber must be to not even ask a preference on something like that, can we talk about why this is a bad idea?

I first heard about the hard part a couple years ago and thought that it only seemed like a good idea for the barber, since it would ensure you’d have to come back sooner than usual to get it cleaned up and looking like an actual part.

Since then, I’ve seen it creeping into the mainstream and, beyond the maintenance issues, I think it looks terrible. Cartoonish, fabricated and too perfect. Three things you never want your personal style to be. Unless you’re a Ken Doll.

The Man Bun

It’s interesting that two grooming-related trends top our list this year. What can I say about the man bun, other than that I hope when its adopters look back at photos of themselves that they’re able to laugh instead of just cringe.

The fact that the man bun has inspired the creation of a clip-on version is proof that the grooming gods have played a big joke on guys this past year. Need another reason to not have one (or to lop it off)? Well, it might make you go bald sooner.


Not to be confused with Staged Squad Photos. There’s nothing wrong with wanting to have friends. Who doesn’t? But I hate what #squadgoals represents and implies.

First, using that hashtag intimates that you need to have people around you all the time to be validated and to feel good about yourself. But I guess that’s what attention-starved, self-absorbed narcissists need.

Second, it implies that your current group of friends isn’t good enough. I’ll leave it at that.


How happy was I to hear Guy Trebay characterize athleisure as a “slob trend” in his recent piece for The New York Times? Obviously, when any long-held opinion you’ve had is trumpeted in a publication that carries a great deal of weight and influence, it give you a certain sense of satisfaction and validation. Please, let’s retire “dressy” sweatpants – what an oxymoron – and dress like we want to be taken seriously.

Oversized Coats

The oversized coat trend is one that started to gain steam towards the end of 2015, and unfortunately, if the the collections for the most recent men’s shows are to be interpreted as harbingers of trends-to-come, it’s not going anywhere.

Unlike the man bun, which comes with limited regret – you can just cut if off, though those photos of you sporting it will continue to exist – an oversized coat will come with significant financial regret.

I’m not getting completely down on the idea of changing up silhouettes every now and then, but if you’re going to invest in a coat, why not get one custom made that fits you and will never go out of style instead of blowing that money on something you won’t wear next fall?

Anything to add to the list (or argue with me about)?

Stylishly Yours,

Brian Sacawa
He Spoke Style


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  • The Kentucky Gent

    I was literally rolling my eyes at a #SquadGoal photo from a fashion week post earlier this week. There’s a big difference between wearing something cause you love it and wearing something just to get photographed.

    And even though I have hair long enough for a man bun (and I have before it was “cool”) I’m ready to see the trend die.

    Josh | The Kentucky Gent

    • Brian Sacawa

      Cheers, Josh. Good to see you around here!

  • Joe Crangle

    Ummm, trousers so tight they look like leggings? Unbuckled monk straps? Sneakers with tuxes?

    • Brian Sacawa

      Too tight suits were in our roundup last year. Thanks for chiming in, Joe!

  • JimAustinNYC

    Man buns look great on Samurai.

    • Brian Sacawa

      Very true.

  • Matthew Pike

    I really bought you were going for odd socks

    • Brian Sacawa

      I believe we had crazy socks on the list a year or two ago. I feel like that trend has come and gone for the most part.


    Bum-freezer jackets on fat men. Flower-patterned shirts. Patriarch beards. All these should be banned in public.

    • Brian Sacawa

      Thanks for chiming in!

  • centimo123

    Well, I think I can’t erase man bun style. For man with long hair, it need to stay neat..


    • Brian Sacawa

      I suppose that’s true.

  • Brutus Maximus

    what about the horrendous hitlerian youth haircut we see everywhere now, from soccer players to hollywood idiots. Die die !

    • Brian Sacawa

      That’s been around for a few years now. The hard part is sort of the latest thing to creep into that style.

  • Alfredo Fabbricatore

    Did you forget to mention the “onion look”?

  • Kurtis Engle

    Beard sans mustache.

    Not a 2015 thing, but work with me here.

  • Stephen Dones

    Hi, Brian!

    I know this comment is about a year late, but I just wanted to say I love your site, and it’s the inspiration for my blog,

    I agree with everything except the athleisure comment. I believe, under very limited circumstances, that the new batch of well-tailored sweats can be a great option for guys. I’ve gotta write a post about it!!

  • Rollo_the_Cat

    I am jumping in late but do you have any fit pictures of what you consider an oversized coat?