Prep in Your Step: Spring Business Casual

Spring is a great time to add in a little prep and ruggedness to your style – even at the office. Kicking off a brand new partnership with Zappos, here are a few ways to dress down a business look for spring, including a varsity jacket and twill briefcase.

Varsity Jacket - He Spoke Style

| WEARING | Gant Rugger varsity jacket, Brooks Brothers Black Fleece shirt, Vintage Yves Saint Laurent pants, Seaward and Stearns tie, Filson briefcase, Timex watch, Shoes c/o Allen Edmonds | PHOTOGRAPHY | by Rob McIver Photo

Preppy with a bit of a throwback vibe, a varsity jacket is a nice way to dress down a business look and give it a sporty flair. If the wool versions with contrast leather sleeves, big letter, soccer ball, and possibly someone else’s name embroidered on it, aren’t your thing, you have options. This nylon varsity jacket is simple, lightweight, and slim-fitting. A spring essential.

A briefcase doesn’t need to be made of leather. Canvas and cotton twill, like my Filson Original briefcase, are rugged takes on the classic leather version. Leather handles and accents make this version handsome enough to carry to the office.

Your shirt collar has a big impact on the overall impact of a look. A button-down collar helps to dress it down and pairs well with the prep of the varsity jacket and the sportiness of the canvas briefcase.

Varsity Jacket - He Spoke Style

We are thrilled to launch this new partnership with Zappos. Everyone knows Zappos as a great place to find shoes online, but it’s much more than just that. Over the next few months, we’ll highlighting some of their other offerings and showing you another side of the brand. Stay tuned!

Varsity Jacket - He Spoke Style

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Disclosure: Compensation for this post was provided by Zappos. The opinions expressed herein are mine alone and are not indicative of the opinions or positions of Zappos.


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  • Albert Wijaya

    Love your style! And your smile is so genuine. :)

    Best, Albert | Palming Pebbles

    • Brian Sacawa

      That’s very nice of you to say! Thanks for reading.

  • Seth Nelson

    Nice look! Zappos customer service is amazing! I recently bought a nice pair of patent leather Oxfords (at a good price). Finding my size (14) is not easy, but they had it. But first when they mistakenly sent me size 9, they immediately overnighted size 14, emailed a prepaid shipping label to return the wrong size, and credited me back $20. Then when I found size 14 too big, they overnighted a size 13, again with prepaid shipping for the return, all with a friendly attitude and no questions asked. They fit and look great!

    • Brian Sacawa

      That’s great to hear, Seth. I’ve also had nothing but great experience with Zappos customer service. Had a fairly similar situation with a piece of luggage and they were nice enough to overnight a new one to where I was staying on vacation. Can’t beat that.

  • The Kentucky Gent

    I’m with Albert – you’ve got quite the smile.

    Also – Filson has some of the best bags around. I’m personally a fan of canvas over leather. I’m not one to get too dressed up, ever, so canvas fits into my life better. And Filson’s canvas bags feel just as luxe as their leather ones. I’m definitely a fan!

    Josh – The Kentucky Gent

    • Brian Sacawa

      Thanks, Josh! Smile c/o mom.

      You can’t beat the quality of Filson. Super rugged, super attractive, super cool. Thanks, as always, for the comment.

      • The Kentucky Gent

        My smile is c/o mom as well, #twins. Pleasure is all mine!

        • Brian Sacawa

          Haha! I also hope I age as well as my parents…

  • Matthias Cornilleau

    Hey! I am discovering your blog and that’s a good surprise. I do like your sense of elegancy. See you! Matt from

  • Alexander Dickinson

    Such a brilliant read. Great Style.