The Best Street Style From Milan Men’s Fashion Week SS18

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We love a suited look with a printed shirt. Worn here with some 1970s flair.

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Perfect ascot addition.

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Another great casual suited look. Great color.

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When the heat is on, lose the tie.

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Simple statement vibes.

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Here come the 1970s.

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Safari jackets have been being pushed pretty hard recently. We don't see many of them in the wild, however.

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Great details.

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Urban tailored.

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This summer's best friend, the neckerchief.

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Funky details.

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And now for a series of casual tailoring.

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Stripes and earth tones. Someone read our Florence street style roundup.

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You know we love a "sleeveless" summer suit. Though we're not so sure about the tie without a collared shirt...

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Funky Thom Browne Details.

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Turn up the funk.

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An amazing brown bowling shirt that appears to actually be a polo...

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Frank with the popover.

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Casual vibes for the next one...

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Five slides.

Are we headed back to the 1970s?

Every city on the men’s fashion week circuit has a different vibe. London tends to be a great mashup of classic tailoring and edgier streetwear. Pitti, of course, is for the hardcore tailored dudes. And the others big ones – Paris, New York, and Milan – tend to skew a little more “fashiony”, for lack of a better word.

Our man, Hywel Jenkins, was once again on the ground for us at Milan Men’s Fashion Week capturing some great street style.

In our two previous street style posts, I tried to tease out a few discernible trends based on what we were seeing. It was easy. Some things stood out. Milan, however, was a little different. You can see for yourself in the photos above, but rather than trying to manufacture several “trending” things, I want to point out something a little broader.

We all know that fashion is cyclical. Hold onto anything long enough and it will come back around in style. the 1970s have been on and off the radar in fits and spurts over the past five years, but based on what we saw on the streets in Milan, 70s style is having something of a moment this summer.

It’s hard to put a finger on exactly what 1970s style “is”, per se, but you definitely know it when you see it. It’s in the colors. It’s in the patterns. It’s in the collars. And collars are a great place to start here.

As I pointed out in our street style coverage from London and Florence, one of the most visible and notable trends was gentleman wearing their shirt collars – both polo shirts and button-ups – outside their jacket and over the lapel. In the case of the polo, it’s a brilliant way to strengthen a rather weak collar, but when it comes to the button-ups, it seems designed to make a statement.

Beyond the collar, there was more evidence of a return to the 1970s with a variety of printed shirts, one particularly badass brown bowling shirt that was actually a polo masquerading as a bowling shirt, browns and funky details.

And also plenty of casual suited looks, which always get two thumbs up in this forum.

We hope you enjoy Hywel’s shots. And let us know what you think of this potential 1970s resurgence.

Thanks for reading.

Stylishly Yours,

Brian Sacawa
He Spoke Style

Photography by Hywel Jenkins


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  • Mike

    I’m 56, and Fashion for men in the 70’s was terrible in many aspects.

    • Brian Sacawa

      Which aspects would those be?

      • derekwashington

        polyester leisure suits. Quiana. There’s so much that was truly awful. I’m 54 and i distinctly remember knowing that eveything was very ugly and fake materials in clothes were awful. And felt awful on the skin. We tend to glamourize the past because we see rich people in period pics. The average folks lived a different experience. If you want to see the best of 70s fashion, YouTube old Soul Train line dances. That’s what young black kids wore and they wore it best.

    • derekwashington

      See my response below and please add your thoughts

  • Mike

    What aspects? Well the patterns and cuts were just wayyyyyy over the top. As as a black man growing up in Detroit, I won’t even get into the ridiculous outfits of the black exploitation era which is firmly embedded in the 70’s. And just watch any episode of the Brady Bunch and I rest my case. I can barely stomach any tv show or movie from the seventies because the fashion and hair cuts were so distracting. And YES I wore it too! I was rocking my Jackson Five outfits at parties, so you know that’s colorful!

  • Luigi Saladini

    The shirt collar out on the jacket lapels looks bad. I do not understand what nice you see in it? This is poor gangsta style.

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  • Noel

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