How to stay cool in a summer suit

I see too many guys new to the menswear game make the same mistake – they buy a wool suit and wonder why they’re so damn hot and sweaty during the summer. While some wools can be lighter – the so-called “four-season” fabrics – a proper summer suit needs to be lightweight and laid back. Here are some tips for how to stay tailored in the summer heat.

wearing suits summer

wearing suits summer

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It’s what’s not inside that counts. While linen and cotton are great choices for a summer suit, you also need to pay attention to what’s inside – or more to the point, what’s not inside. I prefer my summer suits to have an unlined jacket and trousers for maximum breathability and comfort.

Loosen up. This applies to your shirt. I’m talking about the fit, fabric and lack of tie. You need to pay attention to the fit and fabric of your summer shirts as well. This shirt from Michael Andrews Bespoke is 100-percent linen and deliberately cut a little fuller to make it more comfortable in the heat. If you’ve ever worn a really nice linen shirt on a hot day and felt the breeze come through, you know how refreshing that can feel. Likewise, losing the tie and unbuttoning an extra button helps make that built-in AC effect even more prominent.

wearing suits summer

Stay sockless. We love to argue about this. The truth is, I’m never actually sockless. No show socks are a man’s best friend in the summer. It’s just another way to stay cool. A good rule of thumb if you’re just starting to venture into this look is no tie, no socks (look) and if you’ve got a tie on, wear socks. Though the more advanced and confident you get, the more you’ll be able to dispense with that rule.

wearing suits summer

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