This is how to wear suede and linen together this summer

Kicking off the style posts connected to our June Capsule Wardrobe with a sharp casual look that will get you into and through the weekend. It’s a simple outfit, but there’s a little more than meets the eye. Let’s take a closer look.

how to wear suede with linen

One of the things we’re going to be talking a lot about this month is mixing different fabrics. Some fabric pairings – cotton and linen, for example – are no brainers. Some are more unexpected. Suede and linen might not seem like a natural match, especially during the summer, but they both have the same feature that makes them work together – a subtle texture.

how to wear suede with linen

| WEARING | Jacket c/o Reiss, Neiman Marcus shirt, Saks Fifth Avenue pants, Oliver Peoples sunglasses, Rolex watch, Common Projects sneakers | PHOTOGRAPHY | by Rob McIver Photo

Again, falling into our favorite category here at HSS of things that only reveal themselves upon closer inspection, the nap of the suede and the weave of the linen play together in a nicely understated way.

While a suede jacket may seem better suited to cooler fall or early spring days, if you’ve been living on the same earth I have recently, you’ve no doubt noticed that we’ve had some pretty chilly days and nights. Hopefully that’s changing now that we’re into June, but I like a lightweight suede jacket as my outerwear for a (potentially) chilly evening out.

Let’s talk about colors. While it’s the season you’ll start hearing a lot about adding some pops of color to your outfits, I prefer to stick with my favorite earth tones. Lighter shades like cream and copper look great all summer long.

how to wear suede with linen

Finally, since we’re talking about wearing linen and leather (suede), dress down your linen trousers with a clean pair of white leather sneakers. Perfect for a casual early evening drinks date.

how to wear suede with linen

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