Tailoring: it’s not just for suits

Two tailored items: one dressy, one casual. The result? A casual and simple spring outfit idea.

vest with jeans look

vest with jeans look men

| WEARING | Vintage Yves Saint Laurent waistcoat, Al Bazar shirt, A.P.C. jeans, Allen Edmonds belt, Goorin Bros. hat, Watch c/o Timex, To Boot New York loafers | PHOTOGRAPHY | by Rob McIver Photo

Whenever you’re looking for a way to dress up a casual look, reach for a waistcoat – a.k.a. the sleeveless blazer; a.k.a. the most versatile part of any suit. It has the ability to elevate even your most worn-in pair of jeans.

THE MORE YOU KNOW: Difference between a vest and waistcoat?

We often speak of tailoring as it relates to part of your suit – the jacket, waistcoat or pants. It’s true that a little tailoring goes a long way, and that’s also true when it comes to casual wear, like a pair of jeans.

vest with jeans look men

My A.P.C. New Standards would not fit the way they do – my all-time favorite pair of jeans, actually – if I didn’t have them tapered and hemmed. You can actually see where they used to be hemmed higher now that they’re sufficiently well-worn.

vest with jeans look men

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