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There Will Be No More Notorious Horses

October 31st, 2016

Because Vine is dead

Staying warm and stylish in the colder months isn’t as hard as you think. Right now, all you need is a pop of color via a lightweight scarf, like Brian.

We talk about Paul Newman’s style a lot here. Here’s an article to help you dress like the always cool icon.

Kudos to this dog owner for dressing like his dog’s favorite chew toy and bringing him the look of pure love on his face.

And on the totally other side of owners, this is what some are putting on their dogs to avoid having to clean up dog hair. Woof.

David Yi has launched a new site about men and men’s grooming, A Very Good Light, to answer all your questions about parting your hair, Korean face masks (use them), and, getting rid of hickeys??

…which is a nice segue to plug our own Grooming section

David Coggins is making a lot of headlines this month, between his new book that Brian is reading while on the road and his exclusive collection with Drake’s, which already appears to be mostly sold out, unfortunately.

Why have we been travelling around the world without this neck pillow all of our lives??

Twitter dumped Vine, and while we haven’t used this app in a while, we were always big fans of many of the talented creators mixing video clips with perfect sound bites. So, to pay tribute the platform, a few of our favorites below (make sure to turn on the sound):

Brotherly love.
The Pink Panther of raccoons.
The most amazing ostrich EVER.
Mondays got us like.
Kids aren’t very smart.
Because cats dancing are always funny.
To remember all those Drake memes.
The notorious horse.

Thanks for reading.

Stylishly Yours,

Robin West
He Spoke Style

Featured image via Industry of One.

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