| WEARING | Vintage Yves Saint Laurent suit, Michael Andrews Bespoke waistcoat, Shirt c/o Johnston & Murphy, Brooks Brothers tie, QG Custom pocket round, Timex watch, To Boot New York shoes | PHOTOGRAPHY | by Rob McIver Photo

When it comes to suits, you’ll never get a bigger bang for your buck than with a three-piece. The simple addition of a waistcoat dramatically increases your styling options. Regular HSS readers already know this and have heard me say it a thousand times. Wearing a three-piece suit cut from the same cloth is simple, but can sometimes be a bit dressy. Change it up with an odd vest.

Odd Vest - He Spoke Style

While traveling in November, I got to reconnect with a fellow I attended grad school with at the University of Michigan. A great musician, astute scholar, style buff, and now avid HSS commenter. Just a couple days ago, he left the following comment on one of my waistcoat separate posts: ” I don’t see why one wouldn’t go for a three-piece suit if given the choice. Do you?” No, I certainly don’t.

A waistcoat will add a small amount to the price tag of any suit, and if budget is a concern, my advice is to not compromise. Hold off, save a bit more, then pull the trigger. Or you can buy a waistcoat as a separate, though your mileage for the piece may be a little more limited than if you’d gone for the full suit.

Mixing up suit separates can be tricky business. Not all fabrics play well together. The thicker, slightly textured wool, of my vintage YSL suit works great with a rich tweed waistcoat.

Odd Vest - He Spoke Style

If this looks a little more “fall” than “winter,” it’s because it was fall when we shot this. When Rob and I travel, we shoot a ton before leaving and then here and there on the road. We had a little more content than fall had days. Never a bad problem in this business! These shots were taken at the end of October in Nashville.

Odd Vest - He Spoke Style

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