Suitsupply and The New Normal

Suitsupply released a new ad campaign recently and it immediately caused a stir. Featuring models crawling all over each other–some in suits–and exaggeratedly licking their faces, it pitches an orgy-like vision of a post-Covid world.

This isn’t Suitsupply’s first foray into advertising controversy. Previous campaigns have been labeled sexist and misogynistic, with people accusing the brand of being shameless, sleazy, disgusting, and engaging in “woke marketing”.


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A statement to Esquire attributed to Suitsupply founder and CEO Fokke de Jong says that, “The campaign is simply a positive outlook on our future where people can get back to gathering and getting close.”

But is it? Is this the way to send a positive message of hope right now? Or is it just another shameless attempt to create brand awareness?

Some may notice an uncanny resemblance to late-1990s Tom Ford for Gucci. So on top of perhaps being shameless, is it also a rip-off?

Chime in with your thoughts below.



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