A great travel bag is an essential accessory for any man.

I received a number of requests after yesterday’s post on packing for business travel asking for recommendations on stylish travel bags. Ask and you shall receive. A great travel bag–sometimes called a weekender, holdall, or duffle–is an essential accessory for any man. And just like choosing essential pieces for your wardrobe, a good travel bag should be considered an investment.

A well-crafted and quality bag will likely last you a lifetime. If it fits in your budget, I would definitely recommend investing in a leather one. Not only are they stylish right out of the gate, but their appearance only improves with age. Of course, leather is not the only option, just what I am partial to. Here are 10 stylish travel bags, ranging from budget-friendly to true investment pieces.

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Featured image: Coach Bleecker Leather Cabin Bag


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