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The Elements of Spring Style

May 1st, 2015

What makes a good spring look? Here are five elements I’m using to step up my spring style this season.


| WEARING | Brooks Brothers blazer, Al Bazar shirt, Reiss chinos, Oliver Peoples sunglasses, Timex watch, Giles and Brother cuff, J.Crew braided leather belt, To Boot New York suede loafers | PHOTOGRAPHY | by Rob McIver Photo

Cotton. As I mentioned earlier this week, choosing the right fabric makes all the difference for seasonal dress. Light, breathable, and comfortable, cotton is a go-to spring fabric. I’ve been most excited to break out my khaki cotton blazer from storage this spring.

One less button. It’s warmer, so it’s time to start building in some extra ventilation. Leaving an extra button unbuttoned will definitely do just that and gives of a casually cool and confident vibe.

Classic shades. Nothing beats a classic Clubmaster style. If you’ve been a longtime HSS reader, you know that in the early days I was rarely seen without my Ray-Ban Clubmasters. Though I still sport them frequently, I’ve been favoring Oliver Peoples’s take on the style recently.


Hanging loose. A braided leather belt can really make a spring/summer outfit. Let it hang loose to help dress down a look with a blazer and chinos.

Suede loafersSuede is often thought of as a fall fabric, but I’ve always considered it season-neutral. Time to start debating the perennial socks or no socks question. Of course, you always have the option of no-show socks. I’ve got several pairs from J.Crew.


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Brian Sacawa
He Spoke Style

Brian Sacawa

Brian Sacawa is the Founder of He Spoke Style and one of the original men’s style influencers. Since 2013, his goal has remained the same: to provide men the advice and inspiration they need to dress well, develop their personal style, and gain more confidence. Brian’s interest and passion for men’s style and luxury watches has led to his writing for The Robb Report, The Rake, and Sotheby’s and he has been quoted on menswear in publications such as The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal,, Brides Magazine, and the Huffington Post. He lives in the woods north of Baltimore with his wife, Robin, kitties Nick and Nora, and German Shepherd/Collie mix Charlie.

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