Menswear news to jumpstart (or delay) your Monday

We’re not going to discuss “fashion” at the Grammys, and this one photo sums up why.

Brian’s latest contribution on The Rake is live. This round he’s talking about the importance of avoiding impulse shopping.

Just because it’s Valentine’s Day tomorrow doesn’t mean you need to adorn yourself in red. We have numerous outfit ideas for dressing well for your significant other, as well as tips on how to charm a lady from our resident Italian guy.

And as you’re getting ready for that date, don’t forget about that all-important final detail – your cologne.

While we’re on dapper men, let’s focus on five style tips to learn from Sean Connery.

36 watches, 30 minutes, $45K a pop. That’s $1.6 million that Vacheron Constantin made by dropping an exclusive collection on Hodinkee last Thursday. Kudos to our friend Ben and team.

Just because you have pockets, doesn’t mean you need to fill each and every one of them. Especially with a vape.

If a guy should have one staple during the fall/winter months, it should be a topcoat (And if you are not clear the difference between a topcoat and an overcoat, let us explain.)

A shoe debate we never thought of: should sneakers be kept pristine or slightly worn in?

This week’s WTF:

If you are going to invest in an inflatable T-Rex costume (as I plan to one day), consider the weather before you press Record.

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