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A New Way To Shop For a Mattress With Sapira

January 12th, 2017

Sapira is redefining the way you buy a mattress and experience sleep

In partnership with Sapira™.

Let’s talk for a moment about the traditional mattress buying experience. Step One: You go to the department or mattress-specific store and spend about an hour laying on a variety of mattresses and debating with your significant other about which one you like, hate and may be able to agree on.

Step Two: After agreeing on a mattress, you are then honored with the distinct privilege of dealing with a salesperson, who will, in all likelihood, blow your mind will all sorts of upselling. Delivery charges, box springs, mattress-saving covers, and more!

Step Three: You drop your credit card and wait one to two weeks for your purchase to arrive. Step Four: The deliverymen arrive and make a mess of your floor and walls as they ram your new mattress up the stairs and into your bedroom.

It’s a cumbersome and time-intensive process. Enter the luxury hybrid Sapira mattress.


Sapira is the newest premium offering from Leesa Sleep, an innovative new direct-to-consumer online mattress company that streamlines the entire mattress-buying process. Go online, order your mattress and have it sent directly to your doorstep. For free. It’s really that simple.

The mattress arrives in a box that’s decidedly not mattress-sized – i.e. easy to maneuver in any type of home, though it is still mattress-weight – and ridiculously easy to unpack. For evidence of the truth in that statement, simply see below.

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| DON’T BLINK! | Unboxing a queen-sized Sapira mattress and making the bed took just five minutes.

The mattress comes rolled up and highly compressed in vacuum-sealed plastic. Once you make the first cut into the plastic, the mattress begins to expand. It’s almost as if it unpacks itself.

Okay, great. But is it comfortable? Short answer: yes.

While I found the mattress to be a little on the firm side, it has a combination of both springs and memory foam which helps to ease that firmness. This is what Sapira refers to as their Universal Reactive Feel™. The hybrid combination of these premium materials actually allows the mattress to adapt to each individual body with the right amount of support and give.

Interesting tidbit: The Sapira hybrid is actually the first luxury pocket spring and performance foam mattress engineered to be delivered in a box. File that away for when you’re on Jeopardy!



Mattress geeks, this next part is for you. There are actually four layers to each Sapira mattress, all completely made in the USA. The first is a high density foam, which actually assists in cooling. The second layer is performance memory foam for pressure relief.

The third, a high resiliency foam for stability. And finally, the fourth is a high-grade steel pocket-spring support layer for body contouring and virtually zero motion transfer. And, yes, it works.

Surrounding these 1000+ pocket springs is an innovative edge support spring system that creates a true edge-to- edge sleep surface. This enhanced support at the edge of the bed not only helps with a better night’s sleep, but is great for city living where people spend a larger amount of time on their beds.



Pricing for Sapira starts at $825 after your exclusive $150 He Spoke Style discount, and they offer a 100-night risk-free trial. If you don’t love your mattress, they’ll quickly refund you and arrange to pick up your mattress free of charge.


Have you tried a Sapira™ mattress? If so, tell us what you thought in the comments.

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