Always something interesting in our weekly men’s style news roundup

Yes, have fun with your socks, but know your limit.

Vogue wants to know What the Hell Happened to Personal Style?

More than 8,000 women were gathered to discuss the sexiness of men’s facial hair. But what does Brian’s mom think?

If I could wear a romper every day all year round, I would. But for the love of God, can we please not embrace the “RompHim”/”Dude Romper”/devil suit?

Goal this summer: make every one of these six variations of the Aperol Spritz.

Also, the “Ideal Aperitif”.

Speaking of summer essentials, don’t forget the one item that most people tend to overlook. Swim trunks.

Or the perfect pair of sunglasses to fit your face.

The Rake on the rise of the luxury sneaker. Here’s a roundup of a few of our current favorites:

Brian’s favorite in rotation.
A twist to a classic Stan Smith.
A nice (albeit, pricey) alternative to a bright white pair.
A trendy designer choice.
Classic high tops.
And, finally, a perforated option.

Just a heads up – I’ll be off next week as Brian and I will be in Italy. So, see you in two weeks! Ciao.

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