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tweed vest over denim shirt with club tie
tweed vest over denim shirt with club tie

A Quick Thought On Quiet Luxury

September 29th, 2023

Quiet luxury is a phrase that is particularly of the moment.

Yet whilst Lora Piana loafers might suddenly be fashionable, the concept itself isn’t a fresh one. Reminiscent of the tales of Fred Astaire beating his suits against a wall to better break them in, or the gentleman who would have his valet wear his suits for a year to take the starch out of them before wearing them himself, I can recall Bruce Boyer once writing too about how the biggest insult a traditional Savile Row customer might receive would have been a compliment on their new suit.

tweed vest over denim shirt with club tie

Whilst having a wardrobe that resembles the costume department of Succession might seem desirable, all those neutral, non-pilled knits won’t remain aligned with that aesthetic after a few years of wear. Rather than an old money look, you’ll need plenty of new money going into the bank each year in order for you, your (second) wife and your children to maintain that lifestyle choice.

Luxury might be expensive but, if you have enough money, rather than simply craving more—if you have any sense—what you really want is time instead. Clothes worth the expense become imbued with it and better reflect the passage of years, hopefully conjuring up happy memories with each wear. Drowned out by all the talk of greige cashmere baseball caps, the real quiet luxury right now are clothes that wear-in rather than wear-out.

Stylishly Yours,

Gary Harrison

Gary Harrison lives with his wife, five children and Labrador retriever outside of London. Gary has been helping people live better lives for over twenty years: Professionally, he is a leading expert in the field of home-technology, and has been consulted on by globally renowned figures of finance, business and entertainment for the design of many of the world’s most notable homes, hotels and superyachts. Gary’s personal interest in men’s lifestyle has resulted in his writing and photography being featured by publishing notables such as Matt Hranek, Yolanda Edwards and Michael Williams. He can be regularly found dining at The Wolseley, and drinking at Dukes Bar where he has been known to exceed the two martini limit.

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