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The Tiger Trap Porcelain/Moss


Deep in the forest, a tiger is trapped in a cage. A Brahmin passes through, and the tiger pleads/or release. ‘But how do I know you won’t eat me?’, questions the Brahmin. The tiger promises mercy, and the Brahmin relents. Immediately, the tiger pounces. Later, he boasts to a jackal of his smarts and wit. ‘Your story does not make any sense’ says the jackal, ‘You must show me’. The tiger jumps back info the cage to demonstrate. and !he jackal slams the door with a cunning grin.

This truly original pocket square is created by Sabina Savage. Each piece is printed and hand finished by artisans in Como, Italy. The detailed illustrations are carefully engineered around to create unique pocket squares with a signature aesthetic.

Hand rolled edging
Dry clean only

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