Pantherella Asberley Over-the-Calf Formal Silk Socks – Black



The Asberley 9x1 ribbed silk socks are knit from Swiss ‘Tram’ silk, which is a yarn formed by twisting strands together to produce a thread with a shimmering appearance. Even in warm conditions, the Asberley ultra-sheer, over-the-calf silk socks remain cool and comfortable to wear, while their ultra-thin profile and luxurious composition makes them the perfect socks for black-tie and other formal events.

◦9x1 rib knit
◦Shimmering appearance
◦Excellent wearability and moisture absorption
◦Luxurious yarn
◦70% Silk, 30% Nylon
◦Pantherella's signature hand-linked 'seamless' toe

Since 1937 Pantherella has been making world-class socks in their factory in Leicester, England. Pantherella socks are unrivaled for their quality, style and comfort.