The Power Suit

As far as fashion from the 1980s goes, I’m happy not spending too much time looking back at it. However, one of the era’s lasting sartorial symbols should have a home in every man’s wardrobe: the power suit. While the power suit’s classic styling—boxy, rigid, big shoulder pads—might not be something to embrace at this moment in time, its ethos of confidence and success are timeless and transcendent values. Here’s a updated and modern expression of the power suit.

Power Suit - He Spoke Style

Aside from how it looks, a power suit should make you feel confident, successful, and in control. As a result, having it impeccably tailored is an absolute must. A perfect fit helps project confidence and also, frankly, shows that you give a damn. For business meetings or job interviews, for that matter, putting a high level of care into your appearance will definitely impress since what it displays is likely indicative of how you approach all aspects of your life.

Power Suit - He Spoke Style

Power Suit - He Spoke Style

Power Suit - He Spoke Style

The classic iteration of the power suit is more or less monolithic in its approach to everything—bold blocks of color and mostly devoid of stylish details or subtleties. However, choosing to zero in on something a little more playful—like stripes, for example—can make a statement just as bold, if not bolder.

Power Suit - He Spoke Style

Power Suit - He Spoke Style

Power Suit - He Spoke Style

This Look: Blue suit by Quinntessential Gentleman Custom (get similar here and here) – Horizontal stripe dress shirt c/o Deo Veritas (previously featured here) – Red BB#1 repp tie by Brooks Brothers – Sterling silver tie bar by David Donahue (similar here) – Sterling silver cufflinks by Tiffany & Co. (similar here) – Pocket square with navy border by The Tie Bar (similar here) – Striped socks by Original Penguin – Sunglasses by Ray-Ban (Clubmaster) – Watch with brown leather strap by Timex – Walnut leather dress belt c/o Allen Edmonds (Manistee) – Leather briefcase c/o Korchmar (Garfield) – Walnut dress shoes c/o Allen Edmonds (Strand)

Thanks for reading.

Stylishly Yours,

He Spoke Style

Photography by Rob McIver Photo.


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  • Kate

    Classic and Perfect! Loving this!

    xx Kate

    Fags and Hags Blog

    • Brian Sacawa

      Thanks for reading, Kate.

  • cammy


  • Broderick | Sartorial Exposure

    Digging the playfulness of the socks

    • Brian Sacawa

      Thanks, Broderick. Cheers.

  • Jason

    Those shoes are horrible. You need some monk straps or or loafers. You were 80% good on the outfit, but the shoes brought you down to a 50.

    Step it up!

    • Brian Sacawa

      Thanks for reading, Jason.

    • Forrest Howe

      Shoes are fine. Great suit too.

  • robert

    Sharp look. I dig

  • Seth Nelson

    Love the suit! I have a question about the tie. I’ve noticed on a few other posts too that you wear it with the bottom end showing a little. I thought the point of the tie bar was to hold your tie in place. This almost looks a little sloppy, but I assume it is done intentionally (and I do like it). I’m curious as to your own reasoning. Do you do this by rule, or just on occasion?

    • Brian Sacawa

      Thanks, Seth. A tie bar keeps the tie pinned to the shirt so it doesn’t flap away. Not sure it’s meant to keep everything perfectly in place. Also, when we are shooting these photos, we’re not focused on having everything perfect all the time. I like it to be – as much as possible – an an authentic representation as if I were on the street. So, if the wind blows the back of the tie out a little… well, it happens!

      BUT, I have been wearing a tie bar less and less and just letting the back swing freely. Another reader commented on this same thing recently. I’m a true fan of Italian style. And having sprezzatura is something we should all aspire to!

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