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In Style, Off the Clock: The Wool Peacoat

February 5th, 2020

The Perfect Off-Duty Coat

With winter rearing its ugly head here in New York City, the necessity for a true cold-weather coat is finally here. While a topcoat might be the appropriate choice for the office, on weekends I default to an off-duty coat that’s renowned for its warmth and enduring style. I’m of course talking about the wool peacoat.

The name pea coat originated from the Dutch word “pije”,  which in Dutch translates to “a coat made from coarse wool fabric”. While the Dutch can be credited for inventing the peacoat, it was the British navy who popularized the jacket. It once was the standard coat for navy servicemen and women around the world for over a half century.

wool peacoat casual outfit

Your classic peacoat is made of melton wool, a twill woven cloth that’s both wind and weather resistant. It is double-breasted with large collar and broad lapels. It has vertical pockets and is often finished off with an 8×2 pattern of plastic or even gold buttons.

wool peacoat casual outfit

wool peacoat casual outfit

| WEARING | Classic Navy Peacoat, Wool Cable-knit Sweater, Navy Wool Knit Cap, Levis 501 Straight Leg, Leather Weekender Duffle Bag, Suede Wingtip Boots | PHOTOGRAPHY | by JayPKing

Today you can find the peacoat in a variety of different colors…tan, olive, maroon, etc. I prefer a traditional navy because it plays well with everything else in my wardrobe. Here, I’m throwing on a cable-knit sweater, dark denim, suede boots and a watch cap for the perfect casual weekend look. Also be sure to check out Brian’s outerwear collection on Youtube, he owns a few peacoats.

wool peacoat casual outfit

Some of the most iconic pieces in menswear can be traced back to their military roots. The peacoat joins a large history of service garments that have gone on to become popular in civilian life. The peacoat is also a great option for shorter men who want to keep themselves looking proportionate.

wool peacoat casual outfit

If you’re considering buying a new coat for your off time, the peacoat is a great option which has transcended generations and to this day, still remains as stylish, warm and functional as it once was.

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