10 things to kick-start your Monday

It’s hard to find non-political news, tweets, images and memes during an election year cycle, but luckily, not impossible.

Cargo shorts gone missing? Your significant other may be secretly throwing them away (and rightfully so). My mom should have done this to my dad years ago…

It’s great that the fashion and grooming industries are becoming more inclusive for men, but male lingerie is a step too far.

The Rio Olympics are officially underway and Simone Biles is the one to watch. Everyone is talking about why her strength is so unmatched.

Not able to eat your food until someone stops taking a photo of it? (Personally, I verbally threaten stabbing them in the hand with my fork.) In the words of Ikea’s new ad: “It’s a meal. Not a competition. Let’s relax.”

You are going to be seeing a lot of slouchier-fitted pants in stores this Fall. Are we the only ones not ready to embrace this trend?

How long do you think it takes someone to take clips from 230 movies and edit them to match up with Pretty Fly (For a White Guy)?

We have a new contributor to the site – everyone welcome Paul Altieri from Bob’s Watches! – and in his first article, he gives 10 tips on what to look for when buying a vintage Rolex.

I myself am a fan of the Donnie Baseball (not the Brian), but here are nine other mustache styles meant to inspire you.

Speaking of grooming, salt spray is said to give your hair better texture. Have any of you tried this?

While you “can” do these deskercises at work, you will absolutely be judged by your colleagues. Especially if I’m one of them.

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