When I start thinking about changing up my fall neckwear game, instead of buying a new tie, I like to turn to an often overlooked accessory: an ascot.

Men's Ascot Cravat Scarf Tie - He Spoke Style

Men's Ascot Cravat Scarf Tie - He Spoke Style

| WEARING | Z Zegna suit, Al Bazar shirt, Salvatore Piccolo ascot, Oliver Peoples sunglasses, Watch c/o Uniform Wares, Shoes c/o Allen Edmonds | PHOTOGRAPHY | by Rob McIver Photo

What’s the difference between an ascot and a cravat? The short answer is that a cravat is typically thought of as more formal than an ascot. Also, an ascot is tied more like a scarf, while a cravat is sometimes fastened with a pin.

Ascots are often thought of as being stuffy. That’s a characterization I have to disagree with. It’s all in the wearer’s attitude.

However, if there is one prerequisite for wearing an ascot, that would be confidence. An ascot is a commitment and an advanced style move. Do it only if you really believe you can pull it off.

Men's Ascot Cravat Scarf Tie - He Spoke Style

Allen Edmonds Warwick Oxblood Monk Strap Shoes - He Spoke Style

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Chime in: Think you could add an ascot to your fall neckwear game?

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