True story. I took an Uber to the train station and left my phone in her car. When I realized what I’d done, I ran out of the station but the driver had already left. It took me about five minutes to resign myself to the fact that I’d be buying a new phone as soon as I got to NYC, but when I got on the train and used the conductor’s phone to call the Uber’s number, she was at the train station with my phone figuring out how she could get it up to me! Can you believe it? This woman deserves an award. A major award. The following morning, I went to Amtrak lost and found and was reunited with my phone, which still had a 75% charge. Here are some other things to be thankful for this weekend.

I can’t wait until we all look back and realize how ridiculous this looked. I’ve already weighed in. Feel free to battle it out in the comments.

Speaking of… remember that time when hybrid fashion got way out of hand? Wearable tech is one thing, but come on.

Ralph Lauren is bringing a sartorial staple to the mainstream.

Everyone can learn a little something from Iris.

Sure, it’s the final frontier, but how’s the latte art up there?

Are you a Shark Tank fan like me? Has startup speak crept into your vocabulary?

Not your drug store shoe polish.

Did you know you could hashtag emojis on Instagram now? Well, you can do most of them… just not this one.

We have something special coming up with this brand, but it’s not a spoof of a Matthew McConaughey spot.

Though Baltimore’s clearly got other issues on its mind right now, this might be a way to help with a huge (and I do mean huge) road-related problem.

We’ve got you covered when it comes to spring style essentials, but GQ’s got the down and dirty on spring trends.

Thanks for reading and enjoy the weekend.

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