It’s been pretty darn hot recently. Not that I think anybody needs a reminder. And for those of us dapperly-inclined gentlemen, the dreaded Triple-H Forecast – hazy, hot and humid – presents all manner of sartorial conundrums. For example: well, I was really planning to wear my “four season” wool suit (sarcastic scare quotes intentional; we all know there’s no such thing as a true four season fabric, though if you live someplace like Iceland, maybe tweed could be considered a four-season fabric?), but I’d rather not feel sweat dripping down my back and legs. And, it’s even a little too hot for my sleeveless suit. So what’s a guy to do?

Goorin Bros Panama Hat - He Spoke Style

| WEARING | Al Bazar shirt, Saks pants, Watch c/o Ferragamo, Goorin Bros. hat, Dee Berkeley bracelet, Loafers c/o Tod’s | PHOTOGRAPHY | by Rob McIver Photo

I’ve always admired – okay, envied – how easy it is for women to dress in the summertime. One piece of clothing: the dress. Simple, so the only decision that has to be made is “which one am I going to wear today” and available in endless patterns, prints and permutations.

Men really don’t have a comparable clothing item/mode of summer dress. At best, we’re working with two pieces: a shirt and pants. Most men, myself included, don’t have an arsenal of shirts or pants with different patterns and prints in the manner of the aforementioned female dress. Quite the contrary, it’s usually just the basics. Basic colors, basic patterns, basic basic basic. It’s what we’ve been taught and certainly what we preach here: buy less, but make it versatile. However, there are certainly some things you can do to make the basic anything but.

Goorin Bros Panama Hat Al Bazar Shirt - He Spoke Style

First, make sure your clothes fit right. It’s one of the six core style values that govern this site. If they don’t fit properly, take them to your tailor and make them fit right. If you need some tips on finding a good tailor, be sure to read this article.

Al Bazar Shirt Saks Linen Pants - He Spoke Style

Ferragamo F-80 Watch - He Spoke Style

Next, inject some subtle patterns. Patterns can be a bit scary to start wading into. If you’re in that camp, choose one that’s small and subtle, like the mini-houndstooth of my shirt. From a distance, it looks like a blue shirt, but up close you notice the pattern. I’m big on details that reveal themselves only upon closer inspection.

Finally, accessorize wisely. A watch, single bracelet, shades and some cool headwear finish off a simple look and make it look like a lot more than just a shirt and pants.

Tod's Gommino Driving Loafers - He Spoke Style

Thanks for reading.

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