| PICTURED | Tom Ford glasses | PHOTOGRAPHY | by Rob McIver Photo

My opinion about eyeglass frames has evolved over the years. I used to be very much a one-frame kind of guy. I liked the idea that your frames defined you and your style to a certain extent. It wasn’t uncommon for me to wear the same frames for five, six, or seven years straight, only changing them when it was time for a new prescription. And when it came time for that, I always enjoyed the thrill of searching for something unique that I could claim as my own.

These days, however, I’m much more open to having a few different pairs to suit my mood or outfit. I currently have three different frames. My Bellagios I’ve had the longest. I got my Persols, which I generally reserve for more serious looks or when I want to make a statement, back in October. And my Tom Fords are the most recent addition. Somebody told me that they make me look a lot smarter. Ha. Thanks, buddy!

How about you? Are you a one frame kind of guy or do you like to switch it up?

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