Be ready for anything with these 10 must-haves

If you’ve been keeping up with this month’s style editorial, you’ve likely noticed the appearance of certain items multiple times. That’s because we are big on the concept of versatility and also making sure you are getting the most out of what you have.

So as we approach the end of business casual month – we’ve got a great theme for October, by the way – we thought it would be the perfect time to round up some of those “must have” wardrobe pieces.

So here they are – our 10 essential business casual items for fall.

Unstructured Navy Blazer

fall business casual essentials men

An unstructured navy blazer is your go-to business casual blazer. The dark navy checks the formality box, while the lack rigidity keeps it casual. Looks great with a tie or without.

Denim Button Down Shirt

fall business casual essentials men

So much of business casual attire is about dialing down the formality without crossing too far into the realm of casual. A denim button-down shirt is pretty much the ideal shirt to fit that description. Wear it with a knit tie during the week and open collar for Casual Friday.

Gingham Button Up Shirt

fall business casual essentials men

Like a denim button-down, a gingham dress shirt ably mixes dressed up and casual. The pattern adds a sporty element to even the most classic looks.

Knit Tie

fall business casual essentials men

A knit tie’s squared off ends and rich texture makes it the perfect substitute for a classic silk tie in business casual settings. We recently got the following question on our IG Stories Sunday Q&A: silk or wool knit tie? We say, have one of each.

Lightweight Silk Scarf

fall business casual essentials men

Speaking of substitutions, use a silk scarf in place of a tie for those days you want to up your game, but aren’t feeling the neckwear. Clothes don’t make the man, superbly considered details do.


fall business casual essentials men

Never underestimate the power of the cardigan. Wear it in place of a blazer to shake things up.


fall business casual essentials men

A turtleneck is knitwear’s answer to the shirt and tie. Its literal softness lends itself to a more relaxed and casual feel, while its architecture gives it an air of sophistication.

The Perfect Grey Pants

fall business casual essentials men

Not too formal, not too casual. The perfect grey pants – neither too light nor too dark – will serve as the foundation for many business casual looks.

Slim Dark Denim

fall business casual essentials men

Are jeans considered business casual attire? Depends on who you are and where you work. In the right workplace, jeans can totally pass as business casual. It’s also a great choice when you’ve got plans after work.

Dark Chocolate Suede Shoes

fall business casual essentials men

Great footwear is the anchor of every great outfit. A simple pair of suede cap toes will always get the job done.

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