I was having a conversation with my friend Chris of Whiskey Room fame recently on the subject of nostalgia. It’s a symptom of our fast-paced, instant information, modern life, that we’ve been seeing fragments of times gone by – and a great appreciation for craftsmanship – cropping up in our culture left and right. Think of the urban dandy or the urban lumberjack. The Jazz Age Lawn Party. Handlebar mustaches. The craft distilling and cocktail movement. Bespoke axes. No, seriously. It’s a subject I could wax poetic about – only with locally-sourced, organic, artisan poetry wax, of course – but I’ll save that for another day. This week’s Best of the Internet, however, is peppered with many nostalgic hyperlinks.

Which kind of watch buyer are you?

Men in shorts are disgusting,” said Fran Lebowitz.

I don’t want to say I told you so, but… I told you so!

Truism: fashion is cyclical. And sometimes that’s unfortunate.

Though when it comes to television coming back, I’ll give this two thumbs up. I’ve missed you, Scully.

Classic video game fans: don’t miss this amazing video timeline chronicling the evolution of Nintendo.

Big shaving brands going to one blade? I still think I’ll stick with my preferred method.

I tried this 15 years ago in Kyoto. Completely amazing. But I don’t think it’ll convert me from being a coffee lover.

A vintage car without the hassle of maintaining vintage parts. My Dad would not approve.

If the whiskey you’ve been drinking isn’t complex enough for you, maybe this will make it a little more three dimensional.

Start your planning summer reading list with these 25 must-read biographies.

Well, it’s definitely better than renting one

Thanks for reading and have a great weekend.

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