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Essential Khaki Chinos, Part 3 of 3

April 23rd, 2013

You know a garment is truly versatile when it works effortlessly and convincingly in a variety of situations. Often times, something will translate well between a business setting and a casual one, but appear too formal for just hanging out. Similarly, a great chilling out piece might work in a casual situation but be completely inappropriate for work. Khaki chinos cover all the bases.

3. American Classics

Essential Khaki Chinos - He Spoke Style

Khakis, a crew neck t-shirt, denim jacket, and some Ray-Ban shades. It’s a classic and iconic combination, and a testament to the fact that great basics never go out of style.

Essential Khaki Chinos - He Spoke Style

A dark denim jacket is definitely a sound investment. If you’re going to own just one, this is the way to go. Like a pair of khaki chinos, it’s a flexible and versatile piece you can get a lot of mileage out of. Of course, for a casual cool look it has few rivals but it can work for business as well. If you have a grey suit, try swapping the blazer out for some dark denim. It’s a stylish way to shake things up a bit without going too far over the top.

Essential Khaki Chinos - He Spoke Style

A denim jacket should fit around the torso snuggly, just like a waistcoat. It looks sharp when worn as a stand-alone garment and ensures that it will work great as a layering piece during the fall and winter months.

Essential Khaki Chinos - He Spoke Style

Essential Khaki Chinos - He Spoke Style

This Look: Cotton khaki chinos by J.Crew, White crew neck t-shirt by Old Navy, Dark denim jacket by Levi’s, Brown leather belt by Gap, White boat shoes by Sperry Top-Sider, Black New Wayfarer sunglasses by Ray-Ban, Brown leather iPhone case by J.Crew, Watch by Timex, Olive striped NATO G10 watch strap by J.Crew.

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He Spoke Style

Photography by Rob McIver Photo.

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