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2016 kind of blows. The fashion world lost an icon this weekend. If it weren’t for Bill Cunningham, fashion as we know it would be a different place.

People wouldn’t think as much about what they wore when “no one is watching.” The Sartorialist wouldn’t exist the way that it does. The world of blogging, including this site, may not be what it is.

Even at 87, Bill continuously looked for inspiration on the streets of NY. Not because he had to take photos for the Sunday paper, but because he was thrilled to do so.

Watching him during the shows forced you to appreciate what you were a part of, because his smile behind his lens, forced you to. He was looking for that “something” that stood out. We were looking for that, too. And it was him. We will dearly miss him.

Last week we talked about Pitti going into circus mode. Not sure if that or Milan showcasing pimples as trendy is worse?

Kanye debuted his video for “Famous” on Tidal, so most of you (and us) haven’t seen the full video. But, what we have seen is really, really strange. I personally don’t believe any of the celebrities are not wax.

Stan Smith got a deconstructed update. Perfect for the minimalist that loves a good throwback.

I think I need to get a pair of these Netflix commitment rings for Brian.

Have any of you used these Chrome extensions that promise more productivity?

Everyone has a favorite cocktail. And every cocktail has a bar that treats it the way it wants to – and should – be treated.

Looking put together in the summer heat is definitely not easy, but it’s not out of reach.

We’re not big online shoppers here. You can’t feel the material, it’s hard to decipher the color of certain pieces, and fit is always a gamble. That’s why we tried out JackThreads.

I may be one of the few in the HSS office that enjoys some good reggae jam sessions, so I’ll have to listen to this list by the pool by myself.

We’re heading back to Tulum in two weeks after Fashion Week. Share any missed recos (hidden cenotes, mezcal bars, etc.) with us below!

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