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We spend so much time thinking about looking good when we’re supposed to look good – like at work, on a date, at a wedding – that consideration of casual style can be something of an after-thought, or completely nonexistent. When it comes to casual style, I think many of us simply default to a simple jeans and t-shirt. Because who cares what you look like on the weekend, right?

Of course you care what you look like on the weekend – or you should – but how can you break out of the jeans and t-shirt rut and elevate a casual weekend look? For the fifth installment of how to wear our June capsule wardrobe, here’s one way to do it.

dapper casual t-shirt

dapper casual t-shirt

| WEARING | Jacket c/o Reiss, All Saints t-shirt, Incotex pants, Oliver Peoples sunglasses, Rolex watch, Common Project sneakers | PHOTOGRAPHY | by Rob McIver Photo

Linen, not denim. Let’s face it: summer is not the best time for denim. It’s heavy, and in the heat, it’s very uncomfortable. So if the goal is to get out of the jeans and t-shirt rut, the first place to start is by swapping your denim for something different. Dark blue linen trousers will keep you cooler and will make your casual t-shirt more chic and dapper.

Get nappy. Like denim, suede isn’t necessarily thought of as being well-suited for summer. Now that we’re regularly seeing temperatures in the 90s here on the east coast, outerwear, even of the lightweight variety, isn’t a part of the conversation. But it can get cool in the evenings, especially if you’re heading down by the water. For an elevated off-duty look, I prefer a suede jacket over a sport coat.

dapper casual t-shirt

Finishing touches. Accessories and footwear help to really define what you are trying to say with an outfit. A sporty watch and classic leather sneakers keep it casual, while a braided leather belt adds a touch of sophistication.

dapper casual t-shirt

Thanks, as always, for reading. And have a great weekend.

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