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The 6 Best Spring Fragrances For Men Right Now

April 10th, 2024

Taking a look at some of my favorite spring fragrances.

Just as we transition our wardrobes from winter to spring, we also need to change up our fragrances as well. So let’s take a look at six of my favorite and, in my opinion, best spring fragrances for men right now.

What Do I Look For In A Spring Fragrance?

Before we get into my six picks, you might be wondering: what makes a fragrance a great spring fragrance?

  1. Complement the season. Obviously, one of the most important things is that the fragrance complements the season. Much like we choose our clothing depending on the season, same goes for fragrance. When it comes to scents, I take my cues from nature — green, citrusy, fresh, and vegetal.
  2. Light and transparent. Spring is not the time for heavy fragrances. Sorry to recycle the clothing analogy again, but it’s the same idea. Heavier fabrics, like flannel, tweed, and cashmere, are for fall and winter and it’s the same for heavier scents. I guarantee if you wore a crazy thick and rich oud you wouldn’t feel quite right. That’s why I always look for fragrances that are light and transparent for spring — just like a nice breeze.
  3. Unique and distinct. You should always choose fragrances that speak to you. And for me, I like to use fragrance as a way to stand out even if its just in a subtle way. It’s one of the reasons I primarily stick with niche fragrances.

Those are the three qualities I look for in a spring fragrance. Now let’s take a look at my six current favorites for the season.


Le Labo Santal

Le Labo’s Santal 33 is honestly so ubiquitous these days that it almost — almost — feels like a stretch to refer to it as a niche fragrance. Introduced in 2011, it quickly gained immense popularity not just as a personal fragrance but as a go-to scent for the chicest hotel lobbies. In fact, it’s a bit of a running joke between my wife and I that if you want to smell like a Soho hotel lobby, you should wear Santal 33.

  • Top notes: Iris, Violet
  • Heart notes: Cardamom, Amber, Papyrus
  • Base notes: Australian Sandalwood, Cedarwood

All jokes aside, there’s a reason why this fragrance continues to enjoy such massive acclaim. Frankly, it’s intoxicating. It’s certainly a sandalwood fragrance but is not nearly as sweet and cloying as other favorites in the category such as Creed’s Original Santal or Geo. F. Trumper Sandalwood, which is one of the reasons it’s so eminently wearable. If compliments are what you seek, you can’t go wrong with this one.


Frédéric Malle Geranium Pour Monsieur

Geranium Pour Monsieur was created by Dominique Ropion for Frédéric Malle in 2009. Some of his other creations for the house include Portrait Of A Lady, Carnal Flower, and Vetiver Extraordinaire — all considered stunning achievements. And Geranium Pour Monsieur is no exception.

  • Top notes: Mint, Aniseed, Geranium
  • Base notes: Sandalwood, Frankincense

There are a couple things I definitely need to point out about this one. First, do not be misled by this fragrance’s name. Despite being named for a flowering plant and qualified as “for him,” this is not a floral fragrance. While there are hints of geranium, they are balanced perfectly with the freshness of the mint and a very slight spicy bite of the aniseed. The overall effect is fresh, light, airy, and transparent.

The second thing to point out is also related to the notes — specifically, the base notes. You might thing that the dry down would be something in the sweet/churchy realm but that never really materializes. The opening flourish pretty much stays around for the entire life of the fragrance although you’ll notice the mint dissipate the most. Geranium Pour Monsieur is an excellent daily wear spring fragrance and has been my signature scent this season.


Ralph Lauren Polo Blue

Although I am generally a bit of a niche fragrance snob, I think there is something special about Ralph Lauren fragrances. One of the reasons I typically steer clear of most designer fragrances is because, frankly, most of them smell pretty much the same to me. One of the joys of wearing fragrance is to find something that is unique and “you.”

  • Top notes: Cantaloupe Melon Accord, Cucumber Accord, Watery Melon Accord, Bergamot Oil
  • Heart notes: Aquatic Accord, Clary Sage Oil, Geranium Oil, Basil Verbena Oil
  • Base notes: Washed Suede Accord, Patchouli Heart, Sheer Musk Accord

I’ll be honest and say that before I even smelled Polo Blue, I thought it was going to be like every other springlike designer fragrance out there. But — spoiler alert — it’s not. In some ways it is exactly what you’d expect out of a spring fragrance. It’s crisp, fresh, and light. But there’s some sort of special Ralph Lauren “sauce” in there that gives it a bit of zip and spice on the top and a distinctly classic feel, despite being introduced in 2002. It’s extremely long-lasting and as it dries down it develops a nice richness on the base. Wear it all day, everyday.


Diptyque Philosykos

While perhaps best known for their candles, Diptyque also has a solid fragrance lineup as well. Philosykos was created by Olivia Giacobetti in 1996. Renowned for her ability to produce fragrances inspired by nature, Philosykos — which means “friend of the fig tree” in Greek — is a celebration of every single part of that tree.

  • Top notes: Fig Tree Sap, Fig Leaves
  • Heart notes: Grassy Greens, Pepper
  • Base notes: Fig Tree Wood, White Cedarwood

This fragrance is light, bright, and sweet that is balanced with green vegetal undertones. Although Philosykos is considered a unisex fragrance, it does lean just a touch to the feminine side due to its sweetness. Just a bit of caution for those who may be intrigued by the sound of this one, but who prefer an overall more masculine scent.


Christian Dior Eau Sauvage

Not to be confused with the newer Sauvage, Christian Dior’s Eau Sauvage was introduced in 1966 and was actually Dior’s first fragrance for men. It is an absolute classic and I would even go so far as to say that this fragrance is iconic.

  • Top notes: Lemon, Bergamot, Basil, Lavender
  • Heart notes: Jasmine, Rose, Carnation, Patchouli, Sandalwood
  • Base notes: Oakmoss, Vetiver, Musk, Amber

On the surface, it seems like a very, very simple fragrance, however, as you spend more time with it, you realize that it has a lot more depth and a lot more complexity. It also lasts quite a while — I would say five to eight hours — which is not typical of a fragrance that is more citrusy. This is a fragrance you could wear all year round, any time of day, for any type of event, and it would not seem out of place. One of the true classics of men’s fragrance.


Creed Aventus

Speaking of classics . . . It may seem strange to call Creed’s Aventus a “classic” since it was introduced just a little more than a decade ago in 2010, but in the short amount of time it has become a modern classic.

  • Top notes: Lemon, Pink Pepper, Apple, Bergamot, Blackcurrant
  • Heart notes: Pineapple, Jasmine, Patchouli
  • Base notes: Birch, Ambroxan, Cedarwood, Oakmoss, Musk

I’ve been a fan of Creed fragrances for some time — my first foray into the house was with Millesime Imperial about 10 years ago — but was a little late getting into Aventus, simply because of its wild popularity. That said, I freaking love it. Looking at the notes, you’d be forgiven if you thought it felt like a jumble of a bunch of stuff, but it’s fresh, masculine, and truly distinct. I’ve often tried to put my finger on what makes it so special and I believe it’s that little hint of pineapple you get. If you’re not ready to pull the trigger on a whole bottle, get a sample and see what the buzz is about.


The Bottom Line

Finding the perfect spring fragrance is a matter of personal taste. I always look for fragrances that complement the season, are light and transparent, and are unique and distinct. I’ve shared six of my current favorites, now it’s your turn. Join the conversation and leave your favorite spring scents down below in the comments.

Thanks, as always, for reading.

Stylishly Yours,

Brian Sacawa

Brian Sacawa is the Founder of He Spoke Style and one of the original men’s style influencers. Since 2013, his goal has remained the same: to provide men the advice and inspiration they need to dress well, develop their personal style, and gain more confidence. Brian’s interest and passion for men’s style and luxury watches has led to his writing for The Robb Report, The Rake, and Sotheby’s and he has been quoted on menswear in publications such as The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal,, Brides Magazine, and the Huffington Post. He lives in the woods north of Baltimore with his wife, Robin, kitties Nick and Nora, and German Shepherd/Collie mix Charlie.

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