What makes aviators so damn cool?

There’s something intrinsically badass about aviator sunglasses. In fact, of all the different styles of sunglasses, I would say that none of the others even come close to projecting the same brand of cool.

A guy wearing aviators gives off a certain vibe, a certain je nais se quoi. He’s too cool for school. Too cool to be bothered with or care about the mundane, stupid shit that the rest of society gets hung up on.

There’s a nonchalance to this kind of badass. And a leather jacket or leather pants are not required to achieve this state.

Just add aviators.

are aviators cool 2016

Aviators are interesting in the sense that some people look like they belong in them while others completely shy away from the style, saying they just can’t pull them off or citing a face shape that isn’t particularly conducive to the style.

Formerly being in the latter camp, I can tell you from personal experience that anyone can wear aviators. Anyone. Though they tend to be on the larger side, you can find a pair that fits a smaller or more narrow face.

Just look at the numbers on the inside of the arms of the sunglasses. The first number will tell you the width of the lens in millimeters. If you have a smaller face, look for a lens width of about 52mm.

are aviators cool 2016

| WEARING | Z Zegna suit, Banana Republic shirt, Sunglasses c/o Nautica, IWC watch, Shoes c/o Tommy Hilfiger | PHOTOGRAPHY | by Rob McIver Photo

I can also tell you, that wearing aviators requires a certain state of mind. They do look ultra cool. Embrace the look and use it to your advantage to project some confidence.

When looking for aviators, be sure to choose a pair with polarized lenses. Polarized lenses don’t just cut down on glare, but they also eliminate harmful UVA/UVB rays.

The pair I’m wearing from Nautica, not only check that box, but also deliver distinctive and timeless style and design. In black, they’re also modern, sophisticated and an easy way to give your everyday look a badass upgrade.

are aviators cool 2016

are aviators cool 2016

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