How To Belt a Trench Coat

Like folding a pocket square, there are a variety of ways to belt a trench coat. Here are five ways to do it and what it says about you.

1. The Classic

How To Belt a Trench Coat - He Spoke Style
What it says about you: You like things neat and orderly and you always strive for perfection.

Recommended for: Business, a night out at a fancy restaurant, a studio portrait with a Burberry trench coat.

2. The Knot

How To Belt a Trench Coat - He Spoke Style

What it says about you: You are a student of classic Hollywood style – think Humphrey Bogart. You appreciate the classics but like to put your own sartorial stamp on your outerwear.

Recommended for: Business, blazer and tie sharp casual, and anytime you want to flex a little sartorial muscle.

How To Belt a Trench Coat - He Spoke Style

3. The Inside Pocket

How To Belt a Trench Coat - He Spoke Style
What it says about you: You like a clean look and can’t be bothered with how you’re going to belt a trench because you’re much too busy to think about it.

Recommended for: Any work day, those times you’re in a hurry, moments of indecision.

4. The Devil May Care

How To Belt a Trench Coat - He Spoke Style

What it says about you: You’re so cool it doesn’t matter how (or if) you belt your trench coat. It still looks good.

Recommended for: Casual looks, worn with jeans, or with a suit on those days you’re late to work and need to run!

5. The Behind the Back

How To Belt a Trench Coat - He Spoke Style

What it says about you: You care about small details, whether they’re seen or unseen, and will take the time to make sure they’re just right.

Recommended for: Creatives, business guys who like to put in a little style effort, former Boy Scouts who need to show the world their knotting prowess.

How do you like to belt your trench coat?

Thanks for reading.

Stylishly Yours,

Brian Sacawa
He Spoke Style


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  • The Kentucky Gent

    Well, what’s your personal favorite?

    Also – your face in all of these photos.. priceless.

    Josh – The Kentucky Gent

    • Brian Sacawa

      I’m generally a devil may care or knot person. And thanks for the compliment, Josh. We have fun doing these studio sessions.

  • Paul Brosnan

    I’ve always worn the neat look (no 1) simply because I didn’t know there were others. Do people actually tie their trench coat from the back?

  • DJ Hargrave

    Where can I find a classic, affordable trench that won’t kill my pockets?


  • Tom B

    Great post, as always. Me? I stick ’em in my coat pockets, it’s the least hassle. Where did I learn that? Here! I think you had a post about last fall, thanks for the tip.

    • Brian Sacawa

      Awesome! Thanks for sharing, Tom. Do you have any special knotting techniques? I’m a little limited with my 3/4 length coat because the belt is a little shorter as well.

      • Tom B

        Square knot, it’s the easiest to undo (just “capsize” the knot, i.e pull one end backwards against the knot). Keep it simple.

  • stylentonic Constantinos

    the knot for me!!!!

    • Brian Sacawa


  • Butch_Zee

    Knot behind the back for me.

  • Kurtis Engle

    I buckle it in back and use it to snug up the waist.

  • Chris C

    Great discussion and interesting to see other guys comments re belt tying. By the way the model looks good in all styles, what brand is the trench coat looks good Chris

  • Quancho

    Bogarting that belt since 1982.

  • Cowpoke

    Thank you; finally learnt what to do with the belt at the back. Essentially it’s the same as tying a….tie.

  • Kimberly Donohoe

    Clark Gable always wore his trench coat belt tied instead of buckled. I finally got my husband in one.