Your weekly need-to-know menswear news

No, we are not ready (or supporting) the return of wide-leg pants.

However, we do always support the denim jacket.

If there is any inspiration for aging well, Cary Grant is definitely it.

The watches you’ll be wearing next.

Included in this list is a German brand (an affordable HSS favorite) with a new timepiece fashioned for a college grad/someone who doesn’t want to take out a loan for a watch.

And even more options from Baselworld 2017.

In the need for some new underwear? Here are Amazon’s top-rated pairs. Want more advice? ALWAYS buy cotton. And boxer briefs.

Every month a new list of “fails” come out and this fashion-related one does not disappoint for a few laughs, at the very least – shirt collar outside the jacket lapel, crocs, cargo shorts, and a beach tent??

Don’t leave skincare to your significant other. Puffy, tired eyes are real and are preventable. Here’s Brian’s nighttime routine. (And remember, only use your ring finger to dab under your eyes).

This week has not one, but two, in the WTF category:

Scrotox is a thing. And yes, it’s just as horrifying as it sounds.

Is shaving with a straight razor really not dangerous enough? Now axes need to be involved?

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