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Casually Tailored: A Simple Style Solution

What's the best way to throw something on that looks put together but doesn't go overboard? One of the simplest solutions is to combine casual and tailored elements. I like to call it sharp casual, but you might also consider it being "casually tailored." Here's one way to do it that will work any day of the week.  VIEW MORE ▶︎

Simple Comforts: Knit Blazer

Traveling as much as I do (and have been recently), it's often about keeping it as simple and comfortable as possible. Running from city to city – sometimes one day right after the next – the last thing I want to think about is keeping a regular blazer, pants, shirt, and tie in perfect pressed and steamed condition. Blame the early hotel check out. In these situations, I look for something that's easy but that still looks smart. Enter the knit blazer.  VIEW MORE ▶︎

Keep Your Edge: 5 Casual Weekend Style Ideas

It's Friday and the weekend is on its way. Thankfully. Unless your plans include a dinner date, weekend style is generally all about keeping it casual. However, that doesn't have to mean boring and plain. Here are five ideas for adding a little bit of an edge to your casual style this weekend.  VIEW MORE ▶︎

The Go-To: Everyday Winter Classics

Simple, no-nonsense, no-brainer. Everyone's got to have something in their back pocket for those days when there's a quick turnaround necessary from the time you wake up to when you need to step (or rush) out the door. For me, that's a combination of a few great basics like a well-fitted button-down and worn-in pair of denim matched with classic items like a waistcoat, tie, and jacket in winter-weight fabrics.  VIEW MORE ▶︎

Dress It Down: Double-Breasted Blazer

I've been talking a lot about trends recently. Some of them I wish would die, while there are others I'd be happy to see more often out and about on the street and in the office. Double-breasted suits and blazers have made a comeback in a big way recently. They may have been "trending" at one point, but they've become so much more commonplace now that rather than seeing them as a trend, guys are seeing them as an option. Often thought of as a more formal choice, the double-breasted blazer is equally at home in a casual setting.  VIEW MORE ▶︎

Lighten Up: White Denim for Winter

Winter weather has a tendency to depress, which is reflected in the dark colors many of us gravitate towards during the colder months. Black, greys, dark blues. It's natural. Style is a way to express a mood. One of my New Year's resolutions was to be a little more upbeat about certain things, which is maybe why I've been wearing white denim so often this winter.  VIEW MORE ▶︎