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What’s In My Pocket?

I am a big fan of the "What's in your bag?" posts on The Verge, one of my favorite tech websites. It's always interesting and cool to see what different people carry around with them on a daily basis. In the spirit of those posts, I thought I'd offer everyone a little bit of a variation on that theme and give you a glimpse into my pockets. So here are five things I'm usually carrying around in my pockets. Men's Style Blog Fashion Grooming He Spoke Style  VIEW MORE ▶︎

Heat Wave

It's starting to become that nasty time of year on the east coast when the combination of heat and humidity makes thinking about dressing stylishly almost a secondary concern. In my perfect world, it's always October and 60 degrees; though we all know that the world is far from perfect. Keeping it light and simple—and accessorizing strategically and tastefully—is key for me in the summer heat.  VIEW MORE ▶︎